Sunday, August 7, 2022

Mariner Pools on target

What started out as a friendship built from shooting shotguns for the Marcus High School Clay Target team turned into a successful business for two best friends.

Marauder Clay Target teammates Max Holloway and Kyle McGilvery realized that they had other things in common beyond 12-gauge shotguns. They loved to fix things and sell them. On any given weekend (including late into many evenings), the two could be found in Max’s garage working on dilapidated motorcycles, lawnmowers, and various cars.

“Just because something is old doesn’t mean it was useless… to extend the life of things in a cost-effective manner rather than discard for new was a challenge we looked forward to. We utilize the same approach at Mariner Pools,” Kyle explained.

“Early on Kyle and I saw a great challenge to make something much better than when we found it. What can I say, I’m an Eagle Scout! So, when in high school working on lawn mowers, motorcycles, cars, and then in our college years in the pool business, we utilized the same philosophy; our work ethic and attitude have not changed – make it better than you found it,” added Max.

After they graduated high school, they decided to stay local and start their college education. They both took jobs with local pool companies during the day and studied at night and weekends. Max graduated with his Bachelor’s degree, working for a pool chemical company and an operations manager for a pool service company while Kyle focused on learning as much as possible about pool pumps, filtration equipment, and the chemicals needed to keep them clean and swimmable.

“It was time to try it on our own,” Holloway explained. “We work great together and complement each other’s personalities,” Kyle added.

It’s true. If you close your eyes and listen to the two talk to each other, you would be convinced they were lifelong, 75-year-old friends kibitzing and carrying on. Open your eyes and you see two young men with wide grins, calloused hands, and a laser focus.

“Both our fathers are business owners. We see the long hours they put in. We also know that in order to be successful if you have your own business, you always, and I mean always, have to hustle hard and to put the customer first – whatever it takes,” Max explained.

In true form, Kyle chirped in, “You also have to do what you love to do. We both love to do things requiring our hands and we love working with people. It’s great what we do. We love it.”

How did they come up with the name Mariner Pools? “We both love the water – Kyle likes motorboats, I love to sail.”

And it shows. They are quickly building a solid clientele to clean, fix, and maintain both residential and commercial pools.

What’s the outlook?  “Full steam ahead!” said Kyle, “tighten the sheets, trim the jib… wherever the wind takes us we will be ready,” adds Max.

A team on target for sure.

Contact Mariner Pools at or call 469-409-7441.


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CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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