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ER of Texas: Not your everyday emergency room

Dr. Megan Pearce with ER of Texas in Highland Village prides herself on being one of the more compassionate, uplifting, down-to-earth, and dedicated medical professionals you will ever meet in an emergency room setting. Basically, if there were a doctor who could make someone look forward to their visit to the ER, it would be to see Dr. Pearce.

She consistently provides high-level care with a family-practice approach. As a result, patients are delighted to see her.

“I would sit down with my patients one-on-one and get to know them rather than treat and quickly send them out the door,” Dr. Pearce said. “In a hospital setting, one doctor could be working with five to 20 patients at the same time. They are very busy. But you have to talk to patients and spend the time to get to know them. That is part of treatment. Treating patients this way was not what was wanted in a hospital setting. I’ve worked for several hospital ERs and was told on more than one occasion, ‘You’re not moving the meat.’ That’s how they referred to patients.”

Thankfully, Dr. Pearce found free-standing ER medicine, which provides all the same emergency medical services a hospital-based ER can but with a patient-first mindset. As the Chief Medical Officer for ER of Texas, she surrounded herself with a team of physicians who had the same commitment to care as she does. And boy, were there plenty of them.

“I love how much time I can spend with my patients, and I knew there were other doctors out there who are just like me. Those were the people I wanted to bring here,” Dr. Pearce said. “We aim for less stress, personalized one-on-one interactions, and easing people through the process of ER care. There isn’t a single person here who doesn’t share that same mindset. We genuinely love working together.”

Visiting the ER has long been known as a stressful and overwhelming experience. But not at ER of Texas. With two state-of-the-art locations in Highland Village and Little Elm and a team of eight board-certified physicians at each location, ER of Texas is setting a new standard for advanced care. They can handle minor and major injuries and conditions. This includes treating everything from your child’s broken arm to severe trauma, lacerations, concussions, sports-related injuries, chest pain and heart attacks, and more. They also have on-site labs, CT and X-ray equipment, and ultrasound technology.

And they have zero wait times. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, and offer around-the-clock access to physicians, not just staff members.

“We wanted a warm, inviting environment with smiling, helpful doctors and nice aesthetics that don’t make you feel like you’re in a hospital. And we do it all, from taking out your stitches to putting a cast on and everything in between,” Dr. Pearce said. “We don’t like sending people out the door quickly — especially if they still have symptoms. For example, we may have established that your electrolytes are OK, but if you’re still light-headed, it’s not time for you to go home yet. And for larger issues, we can keep people for up to 23 hours for observation care.”

With that type of emergency care under one roof, why go anywhere else?

“When you go to a normal ER and are admitted, your life is put on hold. It’s not like in the movies where people are rushing around, and things get done in five minutes,” Dr. Pearce said. “There is so much care we can provide beyond the standard emergency care department that we’ve even sent someone out to walk a patient’s dog or pick up their dry cleaning. It’s not just great medical care, but it’s also a human approach, and I didn’t realize how much I was missing that. I would never send my family anywhere else, and everyone here feels the same way.”

Another of the things that ER of Texas does differently than most ERs and how they are compared to big-box hospital Emergency Rooms is the billing. ER of Texas has patient advocates that work through billing with every patient individually. Just like with medical treatment, every patient is different with different circumstances. ER of Texas works with the insurance companies and the patients to make sure that they get the best pricing for the services provided to them in the emergency room. It is something that hospitals don’t even take into consideration.

ER of Texas gets to know their patients not only on a medical level but a personal level. This is why their patients love them and come back again and again.

For more information about ER of Texas at 3160 Justin Road in Highland Village, please visit

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