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Robson Ranch Rambler — June 2021

The concept of community and its importance was not really top of mind in pre-COVID days for many people. We were busy going to work, shopping, eating out, and travelling. We felt like a community because we socialized in groups, worshiped in our churches and attended concerts and sporting events with large groups of like-minded people.

Post-COVID, I have given more thought to the importance of community and have realized how fortunate I am. Robson Ranch exemplifies the essence of community. Certainly, we are a group of people living in the same place. We should have a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. It is action that make us a community.

Some might shake their heads as to how Robson Ranch can be an “active adult” and a “55+” community at the same time. Retirement can mean sitting at home and taking it easy and for some that is their choice. For most of us at Robson Ranch, it means filling our days with fun and meaningful activities.

I am proud that we practice inclusiveness. Most everything we do in group settings encourages residents at all stages in their lives to participate together. Games are played with large print playing cards and exercise classes have all levels of activity in the same classroom.

Of course, there are established groups at Robson Ranch that will give you a helping hand in your home with something that needs done or provide a ride to an event or appointment. But the thing that I am most grateful for at Robson Ranch is that we have each other’s backs, one-on-one. Building friendships from acquaintances takes effort and is not a given, even in a retirement community. The real beauty of this community is that we make it a priority and form friendships through inclusive activities. We are comfortable giving and receiving help on an individual basis when it is needed. And we do.

Readers who are not retired may not have the luxury of time that we enjoy at Robson Ranch. Through the pandemic, we have all learned the importance of a contingency plan and human interaction. Just stepping outside your door may result in casual encounters which are sometimes the best kind. Meet neighbors while getting your mail, planting flowers or weeding out front. Tinker in your garage with the door open. Hopefully, we can all keep community top of mind and look for small ways in our daily activities to build community.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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