Monday, September 25, 2023

Giving back feels good

We are often asked, “what happens to the old but working equipment you remove from homes to replace with a newer, more efficient model?”

Well, we can’t sell it, but we can donate it.

A few years back, at the request of one of our customers, we started working with Hearts For Homes. H4H helps the elderly in the Denton County area that own their home but are either physically or financially unable to keep up with the maintenance and repairs.

We started off doing tune ups and minor repairs but found many systems needed a major component if not the entire system replaced just to have heat or AC. These working, old systems fill this need.

We have found that two people get served in this process.

First is the homeowner that gets the much needed heat or AC back up and running. The second is our technician that does the repair or installation. Not only does it open their eyes to the needs of others but also gives them a sense of pride in having helped.

Most equipment we take off of homes cannot be effectively reused and all of that gets recycled. Either way, the equipment is handled responsibly.

Hearts for Homes is a non-profit with a mission to improve the living conditions of low-income senior homeowners in Denton County. Check them out at

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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