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Marcus shortstop bets on big season

Marcus senior Hunter Teplanszky plans to take care of unfinished business this season. (Photo by Helen’s Photography)

Hunter Teplanszky has been a bright spot for the Marcus baseball team over two seasons that have been fraught with peril and uncertainty.

The switch-hitting shortstop has committed to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, and coach Jeff Sherman said Teplanszky has not only left his mark on Marcus baseball, but has also been a stabilizing influence during a difficult time.

“Hunter has always been an elite player since he was a freshman,” Sherman said. “The 2020 season was horrible for us. We were playing really good baseball and were very deep on the mound. We lost a lot of depth with new guys that need to step up.

“Hunter has been a huge impact to our program because he is our shortstop that has been locked down. As a sophomore, he hit .345 in district and played solid D. Now, he has added pop in the bat.”

Teplanszky was batting .334 with two home runs in 2020 prior to the season being suspended, and Marcus had an 11-2 overall record.

Sherman said he needs his senior infielder to step up for the Marauders again in 2021.

“Hunter has to be the guy and have a huge year,” Sherman said. “So far he has been outstanding as a leader and with his performance in our early success.”

Teplanszky, 18, said following the suspension of last season due to the Coronavirus outbreak, he is thrilled to be back on the field.

“After losing the 2020 season, excited is an understatement for the 2021 season,” Teplanszky said. “Marcus has a great squad this year, and I believe we have what it takes to put together a really strong season. The guys I have around me this year have what it takes to make this year special for the Marcus baseball program.”

Teplanszky said he has been playing baseball for most of his life, and said he found the position of shortstop most appealing for several reasons.

“I have been playing shortstop for about as long as I have been playing baseball,” Teplanszky said. “The position itself requires a player with a special confidence and baseball IQ, as you have to be able to cover a lot of ground as well as act as a leader on the field. Defense has always been a fun part of baseball for me and playing shortstop allows me to make great plays that take away from the other teams.”

With the loss of most of last season, Teplanszky said that he and his teammates and were forced to confront a very difficult reality.

“The 2020 season was a real shock to the system,” Teplanszky said. “Marcus was the top-ranked team in the state and there were amazing expectations for what that team could do. The Marcus community seemed to rally around us as well. After receiving news of the season being canceled, I remember a feeling of disgust.

“It was tough to see the seniors of 2020 deal with the idea that they never got to play their final season, especially after working so hard all offseason to gain the notoriety we had as a team. The season ending due to COVID just went to show that nothing in life is guaranteed and can always be taken away. That is something that this 2021 team has learned and taken a hold of as motivation this year.”

Teplanszky said his goals for the 2021 are pretty straightforward.

“I want to be the best teammate I can be, and be the best leader I can be,” Teplanszky said. “I feel that being the best version of myself for the guys surrounding me on my team is more important than any crazy stats I can put up as a player.”

With regard to TCU, Teplanszky said his decision to become a Horned Frog has been in the works for quite some time.

“The recruiting process for me started in the eighth grade, which was very overwhelming as a young kid,” Teplanszky said. “TCU was actually one of the first schools I was ever in contact with. I decided to wait it out and see many other schools and ultimately made the decision my sophomore year to commit to TCU.

“TCU baseball is always competitive and will continue to be for many years.”

The Marcus senior said his ultimate objective is to play for as long as he has the opportunity.

“I believe I have the work ethic and drive to play the game for a long time, along with the passion that drives me to continue to work at the sport and get better every day,” Teplanszky said. “We will see with time but dreams are worth chasing.”

The Flower Mound teen said, when he graduates and moves on to college, he would like to be remembered for a few things by his teammates and coaches.

“I want my teammates to remember that I was a fiery competitor in the game and on the field, but that I always had my guys’ backs through whatever they were going through,” Teplanszky said.

“I have always believed that the way you make a person feel will stick with them longer than anything you say or do to them. I like to think I will be remembered as a good man by my teammates and set an example for those rising through the Marcus program.”

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