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Just the Facts About Copper Canyon — April 2021

Copper Canyon Mayor Ron Robertson

During the snowstorm in February which caused so many issues for all of us in Copper Canyon, the entire town came together like I have never seen. So many of you offered help such as meals, firewood, and even spare bedrooms. This neighbor-to-neighbor connection is the community spirit of Copper Canyon and why we all chose to live here.

Citizens such as Aaron Maestas and Suzanne Boltz offered to pick up food for anyone in town despite their own power outages. Lili Mullins contacted neighborhood watch volunteers to check on people she knew who lived alone and depended on home services for food and attention. Greg & Chris Putnam, who at the request of Lili, went to a couple’s home in Argyle they did not know and repaired burst pipes in their flooded home.

Our Neighborhood Watch Program and the large group of volunteers were in touch with each other, checking on neighbors on their blocks and staying alert to anyone who needed special attention. When the chairman of the program received a call from a woman in Abilene concerned about her relatives, Kate and Joe Broccoli responded in a matter of minutes and were able to report all was well.

Emergency Service District #1 men and women and Fire Chief Mac Hohenberger were answering calls for help nonstop from flooded homes and injuries, to help with life-sustaining medical devices when power was out. Having these professionals so close in Copper Canyon is something we may not think about until an event such as this.

Thanks to Deputy Sheriffs Maurice Floyd and Tony Glover who continually patrolled even in extreme conditions, icy dangerous roads, blackouts, and frigid temperatures. We never take for granted your professionalism and commitment to our town.

As Mayor, I want to personally thank Donna Welsh, Town Administrator and Sheila Morales, Town Secretary for your 24/7 communication with me, local and state utilities, and our citizens regarding ongoing issues. I know you both had outages, flooding, and other challenges at your homes, yet you did not let that stop you from your dedication to the citizens of Copper Canyon.

May 1, 2021 General Election 

Early Voting runs from Monday, April 19 – Tuesday, April 27. Locations and hours to be determined by Denton County Elections Administration.

Election Day Voting Location for Copper Canyon precincts is Saturday, May 1, at Double Oak Town Hall from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Additional information can be found at

Copper Canyon Annual Audit

The Annual Audit for 2020 was just completed last month. William Spore, CPA, noted that Copper Canyon is in excellent financial condition and is adhering to all appropriate accounting procedures. The Town Council approved the 2020 Audit at the March 22 Town Council Meeting.

Copper Canyon Roads

The work on Chinn Chapel is underway and bids for Jernigan and E. Jernigan have been received. Work on Jernigan and E. Jernigan should be underway before summer.


The staff has been extremely busy with permits coming in for new homes in several areas around town. There are also numerous remodeling projects, home additions and various plumbing and electrical permits.

Copper Canyon Municipal Court

The Town of Copper Canyon is implementing the Scofflaw Program, in which denies motor vehicle registration or renewal for people who receive a citation and owe outstanding fines and fees past due over 90 days. Drivers who are flagged “scofflaw” on the list will be unable to register or renew their motor vehicle registration until the owed amounts are paid in full and the name cleared from the list. This process allows for cases to be disposed in a timely manner. It reduces the amount of backlogged cases for the Court.

On March 11, the Supreme Court issued the Thirty-Sixth Emergency Order that renews the Thirty-Third Emergency Order, as amended. The Order continues to provide flexibility to courts to conduct proceedings remotely and provides revised criteria for courts to conduct in-person proceedings, including jury trials. The Thirty-Sixth Emergency Order is effective immediately.

Following the OCA requirements, the Town of Copper Canyon’s Presiding Judge has adopted the minimum standard health protocols and adopted the Court Schedule for the remaining year. The Town of Copper Canyon will still require face coverings when coming into the building.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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