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LETTER: Highland Village, Lewisville ISD endorsements

The local general 2021 elections draw near.  Our communities face many new challenges making this election particularly important to elect the candidates who are best qualified, experienced, who can and will represent our goals and priorities.  City councils and school boards are places where amateurs frequently try their hand at playing politics and often attempt to impose their own agendas and questionable biases.

I encourage my fellow voters to do your own research, reach out to the candidates, ask your questions.  I’ve done my homework.

For the past seven years, Mike Lombardo, a long term Highland Village resident, Mayor Pro-Tem Highland Village city council, place 3, has generously served our city.  Mike has both the skill and dedication and is committed to preserving Highland Village’s unique character and charm.  Mike will continue to ensure our city is safe by keeping our first responders equipped with the best equipment and technology.  His added experience on planning and zoning prior to being a councilmember contributes to Mike’s passion for keeping quality development while keeping taxes as low as possible.

Mike Lombaro’s opponent is a five year resident.  He has watched a few older city council meetings and stated, “he admits it was not fun”.  That is a curious statement considering he is running to be on city council.  He is not opposed to raising taxes and has never served on any Highland Village boards or commissions. He has no experience in small city government.

Tom Heslep, a Highland Village long term resident has served for two years as city councilman, place 5 with 3 years on planning and zoning prior.  Tom too shares the same passion and visons as his constituents.  During his tenor, Tom helped finish Kids Castle during the pandemic.  Tom serves on many, many other local boards within the community such as Medical Center Lewisville Board of Directors.  His professional experiences compliment his service to Highland Village.  Quoting one of his mottos, “service above self”.

Tom’s opponent is a three year Highland Village resident and has not served on any local boards or commissions and no experience in small city government.

Dan Jaworski, Highland Village, City Council, place 7.  Dan runs unopposed this term.  A Dan fun fact:  He is not only a native Texan but a native of Highland Village.  Dan’s accomplishments as a city council member are proof of his love and dedication to our village and his hometown.

Dr. Buddy Bonner for LISD board, Place 1.  If ever a candidate has earned and deserves this position, it is Dr. Buddy Bonner.  Dr. Bonner has served in the LISD district for 3 decades.  His lists of achievements are too long for me to list here.  However, one I need to mention is the personal and positive impact he had on my children. His lifelong dedication truly is about the kids.  Every single child.  If elected as LISD board, Place 1, I can only imagine what other greatness he will contribute.

Allison Lassahn for LISD, Place 2.  Allison has currently served for 2.5 years on the LISD board and also serves as the board’s secretary.  During her tenure she’s been working through a pandemic helping make decisions that impact our children every day and increased salaries for special ed aids, an issue that was long overdue.  She’s been a member of several district level committees and served on the Highland Village ethics board.

I hope you join my family in supporting these candidates with your vote:

Re-elect Mike Lombardo, Mayor Pro-Tem, for Highland Village City Council, place 3

Re-elect Tom Heslep, for Highland Village City Council, place 5

Re-elect Dan Jaworski, for Highland Village City Council, place 7

Elect Dr. Buddy Bonner for LISD Board, place 1

Re-elect Allison Lassahn for LISD, place 2

Early voting April 19-27.  Election Day, May 1,2021

Denise & Randy Turner

Highland Village

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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