Thursday, March 23, 2023

If you see this dog around Flower Mound, call, don’t chase

If you see this dog, don’t chase her, call Humane Tomorrow at 469-585-3483 instead.

A runaway dog in Flower Mound has been successfully evading people for nearly a week, and rescuers are asking the community to stop chasing her and just call them at 469-585-3483 instead.

Stacy Smith, executive director of Humane Tomorrow, an animal protection organization in Flower Mound, said that a large group of about 20 chihuahuas were recently surrendered by a resident of the Graham area. Many of the dogs are very scared and skittish, and all were recently placed in foster homes. On Tuesday, though, one of them was being brought from the facility to a foster’s car when she escaped from the carrier and ran away.

Since then, she’s been spotted all over Flower Mound, and local residents on social media have been very active in trying to find her. Unfortunately, some people chase the dog to try to catch her, and she disappears again.

“I think it’s wonderful that people are invested in this, but in her case in particular, we just want to know where she is and want her to think she is successfully hiding from people,” Smith said. “She cannot be outrun or cornered. Right now, every time we get a trap set, somebody spooks her and she turns up two miles away.”

Smith said if you see the dog, just call Humane Tomorrow and tell them where she is and which direction she’s going.¬†Smith said that you should never chase a stray dog, especially one like this that doesn’t know her name or any people.

“This is more like trying to catch a squirrel than a dog,” Smith said.

On a related note, Humane Tomorrow will soon have quite a few other chihuahuas available for adoption after they get spayed and neutered.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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