Monday, August 15, 2022

Pastor’s Place: Your Tongue

Dr. Richard Plunk, Senior Pastor, Grace Community Assembly of God

“The tongue is the only tool that gets sharper with use.”
— Washington Irving

In the middle of a global pandemic, we need each other more than ever.

The way we practice social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t connect, can’t be friendly or can’t be relational. We need encouragers more than ever—with a word of hope or with just a greeting.

Yes, we need to keep six feet apart, but we can still use our words to touch hearts, regardless of physical distance. What we choose to say is one of the most powerful recourses we have during this pandemic, that is if we use it wisely.

It has been said that the human tongue weighs practically nothing, yet very few people can contain its power. The average human tongue weighs only two ounces, but it is considered one of the strongest muscles in the body and is an amazing part of our bodies, but it reveals more about a person’s spiritual life than physical. Truly, the tongue is the window to the soul.

Where does the tongue get its incredible power? From the heart! There is a Scottish proverb that says, “When the heart is full, the tongue will speak.” Often, people will utter something and then quickly say, “I didn’t mean that.” Actually, they probably meant it, they just didn’t mean to say it. We mean everything we say, but we often don’t plan to allow our tongues to expose our hearts.

In times of crisis, the issues of the heart are magnified. If there is hatred in a person’s heart, the tongue will spew criticism. Fear in the heart will bring negative words. An impure heart will produce foul speech. An undisciplined heart will result in sloppy language. Hurtful words will come from a wounded heart.

But, conversely, if there is joy in a heart, encouragement will flow from the tongue. A peaceful heart will result in words of hope. Words of blessing will come from a secure heart. An honest heart will reveal a heart full of truth. In essence, the true key to controlling your tongue really is an issue of the heart.

Our words can bring daily blessing or curses to those around us. The choice is ours! With so many letting garbage spill out from their mouths, we can be people who accentuate the positive with our words. Let others hear words of blessing, encouragement and positivity. Don’t let a day go by that others don’t hear life-giving messages. (See James 3:4-5 NLT) 

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CTG Staff
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