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Meet the Candidates: Northwest ISD Place 7

Southern Denton County residents will head to the polls starting next month to decide a plethora of municipal and school board contests, in addition to state and national elections.

The Cross Timbers Gazette asked each candidate in a contested local race to answer a brief questionnaire to help voters make an informed decision at the polls this November.

In Northwest ISD, three seats are expiring. Place 5 Incumbent Steve Sprowls is seeking reelection unopposed, while Place 6 Incumbent Lillian Rauch is challenged by Jennifer Zazula and Place 7 Incumbent Ron Hastings is challenged by Jennifer Murphy.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, with early voting Oct. 13-30. Click here for more information about voting in Denton County.

Below are each candidate’s responses to the questionnaire, listed in alphabetical order:

Place 7 (3-year-term)

Ron Hastings

Ron Hastings

What is the main issue facing your community and how would you address it: Fast growth, and lack of adequate funding from the state. Support the passage of the current School Bond election, to stay up with the tremendous growth we continue to experience! Passage of the VATRE.  Passage will allow the District to keep more of local taxes, that the state can’t recapture. All without raising taxes. The last legislature passed a bill that was supposed to solve the funding of schools.  However, one of the items they promised would be eliminated was not.  That of recapture (Robin Hood).  We will send over $20 million to the state.  I will continue to push the legislature for real school funding solutions!

Why are you the best candidate for this position:My background as an educator at both the campus and District level, provided me with skills and knowledge, that helps me understand the inner workings of a school district.   I have served on long term planning committees as a community member and school employee.  I have been involved in staffing formulas, curriculum development, and budget creation.  I believe, that I bring to the table skills that no other candidate or Board member possesses, which gives me the ability to continue to be a  productive board member.  Being up to date on all aspects of the District will provide a continuum of services during this uncertain time.

Facebook page: Ron Hastings Candidate for NISD School Board Place 7

Website: None

Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy, 43

What is the main issue facing your community and how would you address it: Pre COVID, the biggest issue was the district’s rapid growth and it has to be addressed in different ways. First, work with the municipalities where facilities are located to assess population epicenters and transportation issues. Second, work with campus staff to understand the changing student needs. Third, stay proactive and ahead of the curve in anticipating numbers. Finally, work closely with community stakeholders who have a vested interest.
COVID is one of the biggest issue we face today. Obviously the health and safety of students and staff is paramount. However, we as a district need to not only be cognizant of the physical health of of students and staff but the unseen, mental toll that this period in time has taken on everyone

Why are you the best candidate for this position: Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to serving the community through my daily work. With a career in non-profit and educational fundraising, I have had the opportunity to be a part of some really incredible endeavors. Some of the most rewarding work I have ever done is with the public school district I worked for in San Antonio (Northside ISD) and here in Northwest ISD. I believe that the combination of my professional experience, personal commitment to community service, and my dedication to equity for all makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

Facebook page: Jennifer Murphy for Northwest ISD Trustee

Website: None

Email: [email protected]

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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