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The Arts: Students, school days and art

“Art Class” by Kathryn Forehand

By Elizabeth Brannon

This month the Art Wall at the Flower Mound Town Hall features the work of student artist, Kathryn Forehand, 17, a senior at Flower Mound High School. Her work, “Art Class,” is featured prominently in the display.

Kathryn is a talented artist who first took art classes in 6th grade, never had private art lessons, then rekindled her passion for the arts in high school. Kathryn has taken AP Art, English and History in high school. The combination of AP Art and AP History has put her on a planned path to earning a master’s degree in Art History so she can either teach or work at an art museum.

Kathryn shared that both of her parents are business people but they have three daughters, all of whom are involved with the arts: one sister works in fashion design, one sister is a photographer, and Kathryn is a visual artist.

Currently Kathryn works in oils, but has worked with pencil. One of the things Kathryn likes about art in school is the exposure she gets to other artist and teachers, all of whom have something to offer and all of whom show her the versatility of art. The class critiques of art are intense, and are a huge part of her learning and enjoyment of art.

Kathryn’s art shows a maturity that is far beyond her years. She observed that all the AP Art students are talented, and create works with more depth than would be expected by young adults. Art, of any kind, allows for expression of thoughts and emotions that there are no words to express.

For Kathryn, when she participated in theater in high school, she realized that art is often focused on two people and their relationships and the emotions and benefits that accompany those relationships. That insight caused Kathryn to look into her personal relationships.

A lot of Kathryn’s art has two people as the subject, and if you look at a collection of her work, you see the changes that come with the aging process or aging relationships and the emotions of those. Kathryn also said some of her art is spontaneous and it’s only after creating works that she sees how the works actually go together.

Currently Kathryn is working on a 3D portfolio which is new to her and is opening other doors to art for her.

Kathryn is described as fun to be around, and Kathryn is looking forward to being back with her fellow AP Art students and teachers when LISD starts in-school learning again. She loves to learn from other artists who work in different mediums and with different kinds of art. She says she gets great information from colleagues and teachers and recognizes that teachers can be influential.

For Kathryn, the learning is far more important than the grades. This year, there will be 15-20 AP student artists who will create art, and possibly enter their works into the LISD art show.

To see more of Kathryn’s art, visit her Instagram account kathrynforehand_art. Or, make a trip to the Flower Mound Town Hall and look at an array of Kathryn’s art on the art wall. You’ll be surprised to know all the creativity and variety came from a student.

Kathryn’s advice for fellow students – if you have a choice, take art.

Continuing Art Events for Flower Mound

Twin Coves pay station sign.

Town Hall Art Display – We are always accepting submissions from artists to have their work exhibited in our Town Hall art display. For details on how to apply, visit

Twin Coves Pay Station Wrap Contest – The Town is accepting photos or paintings of or inspired by Twin Coves Park. One winner will be chosen to be converted into a vinyl wrap for the pay station at the entrance of Twin Coves Park. Submissions accepted until September 18. For details, visit

Baseball/Softball Player Nominations for Mural – The Town is looking for nominations of athletes who played baseball or softball in Flower Mound and went on to play the sport in some capacity beyond high school. A subcommittee will choose 20 players from those nominations to be represented as kid-aged caricatures in a mural at Gerault Park. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, September 11. To nominate a player and view additional information, visit

 a-la-cART Challenge – In the spirit of continuing to focus on the amazing art that can be created from recycled or repurposed materials, we invite you to participate in our a-la-cART challenge! For details a bout this challenge, visit

Art Thoughts: “It is imperative that all students have access to an equitable delivery of arts education that includes dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts that supports their educational, social, and emotional well-being, taught by certified professional arts educators in partnership with community arts providers.” – From Americans for the Arts, June 2020: Art Education is Essential, a unified statement from national arts organizations across the United States.

Elizabeth Brannon serves on the Flower Mound Cultural Arts Commission.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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