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Foodie Friday: Boi Na Braza Steak & Grill

I’ll be honest – one of my all-time favorite kinds of restaurants is hands-down a Brazilian steakhouse. As a good ol’ Oklahoma boy, there’s nothing I love more than a well-cooked steak. And when I can sample dozens of different cuts of meat in one sitting, that’s even better!

So, we were thrilled to learn about a family-owned churrascaria in Grapevine, Boi Na Braza Steak & Grill. Founded 20 years ago and still owned by the Matheus family, this restaurant is full of charm, warmth, love, and – of course – delicious Brazilian-style cuisine.

Their dining room is back open, but they have chosen to close down their self-service salad bar and have instead replaced it with all-you-can eat salads brought straight from the kitchen to your table. You can also have as many sides as you want with your meal and enjoy them family-style.

Boi Na Braza offers 10 cuts of meat served tableside by their gauchos. Those cuts of meat include crowd favorites like Picanha, Bottom Sirloin, Beef Ribs, Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Lamb Chops, and their Fish of the Day.

And the most amazing thing we learned about their meats is that most of them are seasoned with only salt! They are all so full of flavor and are perfectly cooked, so the fact that they are prepared so simply speaks to the quality of the meat they serve as well as to the care they take to cook them.

Boi Na Braza also has a fantastic full-service bar, beautiful wine cellars full of decadent wine selections, and a bottle of cognac that will only set you back about $100 per ounce. John Matheus recommends you try their authentic Brazilian drink called a Caipirinha, which is actually the national cocktail of Brazil. It’s made with a special Brazilian spirit called cachaça, sugar, and mottled limes.

Moral of the story is, Boi Na Braza is the perfect night out no matter the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you’re entertaining business associates, or you’re just craving Brazilian steakhouse food – Boi Na Braza is thrilled to serve you. They also have a few private dining rooms that are perfect for hosting private parties and events.

We encourage you to head to Grapevine soon to visit Boi Na Braza and meet the Matheus family! You’ll love what you’ll find when you get there.

*Boi Na Braza Grapevine is located at 4025 William D Tate Ave, Grapevine TX.

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
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