Thursday, August 11, 2022

Northlake Notes — May 2020

Northlake Mayor David Rettig

What a roller coaster the past month has been! I can’t recall a period of more tumult in society and the economy in my lifetime. I can’t speak to the more severe hardships that my parent’s and grandparent’s generations experienced in the last century, but for my generation this is certainly a unique time.

Like everyone, we are eager to see life return to some sense of normalcy and begin to assess what has been lost and begin the work to rebuild. I am grateful for the community spirit which has been present in the creative approaches to networking and friendship from a safe “social distance” via social media.

In Northlake, we have been blessed to have few severe enough cases to require testing and confirmation and those that have been confirmed have fared relatively well so far. We wish everyone a swift recovery across the region and our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have passed on.

All regulations across Texas, and the lifting of them, are now dependent on the Governor’s office. I’m glad that this approach has been taken to ensure that things are fair and consistent even as we hope for a swift and safe lifting of the restrictions as warranted by the containment of the disease. We look forward with hope that the flattening across the state will continue and the future phases of reopening can occur on schedule.

For the many students impacted by the abrupt end to the school year, it was great to hear that options are opening up for graduation at Texas Motor Speedway for Denton County high schools. The school districts have been amazing adapting to this situation and we are very grateful for all the teachers and administrators making learning continue to go forward. Beyond the textbooks, there are certainly life lessons and some critical skills being learned by us all.

I hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy some quiet moments at home with family. It is great to see all amazing Instagram-able yards neighbors are building as well as the interior redecorating that is happening. Many have said that great creativity is born out of hardship and change, and perhaps that is on display right now.

Please keep your families safe. While we are tremendously grateful for our responders and medical services, their efforts are mostly for those who are ill. It’s up to us to practice what we’ve learned and keep the progress going through good hygiene so we can get back to life as soon as we can. Hope to see you soon as Texas reopens!

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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