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Running helps Kilgore keep focus

Connor Kilgore

Connor Kilgore understands the importance of down time. His problem, however, is that he has to find that time while being active.

The Argyle High School senior is a member of the National Honor Society and captain on the Eagles football team, but said it’s track and field where he finds the time to decompress for a bit.

“My favorite activity is running, because it allows me to focus on my thoughts,” Kilgore said. “It helps me relax and worry less about school and other stressful things in my life.”

Kilgore, 18, is ranked 35th in his graduating class of 223 students and is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Argyle teen said he enjoys being involved in a variety of activities for their social nature.

“I enjoy spending time with others and being a good influence to others,” Kilgore said. “I love to build relationships and meet new people.”

Kilgore’s time in high school has not been completely stress free.  A physical setback before to the start of his senior year proved to be particularly challenging for him.

“I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum,” Kilgore said. “This happened last summer right before my senior year of football and it caused me to miss almost all of my senior season. It was a devastating experience knowing I wouldn’t be able to play football my last year, but I grew in my faith and became a better teammate and person.”

He was also selected to the first-team all-state academic team.

Kilgore said he is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but knows he wants to have a “positive impact on other people.” He said if there was one thing he could change about the world today it would be to end prejudice.

“I would change how people view each other,” Kilgore said. “So many people are quick to judge others, and I don’t want people to have to worry about being judged by others.”

Kilgore carries a 98.78 grade point average (on a 100-point scale) at Argyle and plans to attend the University of Arkansas and major in business.

Kilgore’s Favorites

Favorite Subject: Math

Person who inspires me: My Father

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights

Favorite Show: The Office

Last book I read: 1984 by George Orwell

Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Drake

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