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The candidate filing period for the May 2 municipal and school board elections ended at 5 p.m. on Friday.

There will be contested elections in Argyle, Copper Canyon, Denton, Flower Mound, Harvest, Lantana, Northlake, Argyle ISD, and Northwest ISD.

Here is a list of candidates who filed for the local General Election on May 2 in southern Denton County towns, cities and school districts.


Argyle Town Council

Place 1: Bryan Livingston (i), Tom Irwin

Place 3: Sherri Myers (i), Richard Spies

Place 5: Rick Bradford, CB Standridge

Bartonville Town Council

Mayor: Bill Scherer (i)

Place 2: Jaclyn Carrington (i)

Place 4: Bridget Melson (i)
(Election cancelled)

Copper Canyon Town Council

Place 1: Steve Hill (i)

Place 3: Rudy Castillo

Place 5: Bill Castleman (i), Jeffrey Alan Mayer

Denton City Council

Place 5: Deb Armintor (i), Rick Baria

Place 6: Jim Mann, Paul Meltzer (i), Liam York

Place 7 (Mayor): Keely Briggs, Gerard Hudspeth, Michael Mitchell

District 1:  Birdia Johnson, George Michael Ferrie Jr.

District 2: Ronnie Anderson, Connie Baker, Daniel Clanton, Kady Irene Finley, Jon Hohman

Double Oak Town Council

Three two-year at-large seats: Joe Dent (i), Anita Nelson (i), Billie Garrett (i)

One one-year seat: Von Beougher (i)
(Election cancelled)

Flower Mound Town Council

Place 2: Sandeep Sharma (i), David Johnson

Place 5: Claudio Forest (i), Ann Martin

Harvest (Belmont Fresh Water Supply District #1)

Two four-year at-large seats: Charles Beagle (i), Matthew Brown (i), Travis Cooper, Steven Glickman

Highland Village City Council

Mayor: Charlotte Wilcox (i)

Place 2: John Kixmiller (i)

Place 4: Barbara Fleming (i)

Place 6: Robert A. Fiester (i)
(Election cancelled)

Lantana (Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #6)

Three four-year at-large seats: Ross Ferguson (i), Sheldon Gilbert (i), Jim VanVickle (i)
(Election cancelled)

Lantana (Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #7)

Three four-year at-large seats: Randy Fogle (i), Steve Spence (i), Lynne Thompson, Diane Wetherbee

Northlake Town Council

Place 1: Rena Hardeman (i)

Place 2: James Lambert (i), Michael C. Ganz

Place 3: Brian G. Montini (i)

Argyle ISD Board

Place 1 – Craig Hawkesworth (i), Phyllis Clark

Place 2 – Dr. John Bitter (i), Chad Gibson

Place 3 – Sam Slaton (i)

Denton ISD Board

Place 6 – Jim Alexander (i)

Place 7 – Patricia Sosa-Sánchez
(Election cancelled)

Lewisville ISD Board

Place 6: Kristi Hassett (i), H. Denise Wooten (withdrawn)

Place 7: Tracy Scott Miller (i)
(Election cancelled)

Northwest ISD Board

Place 5: Steve Sprowls (i)

Place 6: Lillian Rauch (i), Jennifer Zazula

Place 7: Ron Hastings (i), Jennifer Murphy

Information from municipal websites or spokespeople. Check back for updates.

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