Update: Northwest High School lockdown lifted

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Photo courtesy of Northwest ISD

A lockdown of Northwest High School was lifted after about an hour-and-a-half Friday.

Police investigated the validity of a threat a NHS student media on social media, according to a news release from Northwest ISD. During the lockdown, all students and staff were safe, and police found no weapon on campus.

“Any threat is taken very seriously as well as the safety of our students and staff,” says a letter that was sent to the families of NHS students.

The high school is located south of Justin near Hwy 114 and FM 156. The nearby Hatfield Elementary School, Pike Middle School and the NISD administration building were placed in a brief lockout as a precautionary measure.

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Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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    Fort Worth police are out of control. A week ago a kid at Northwest High School made up a story about a friend of his having a gun (which he didn’t). Fort Worth police show up, put the campus on lockdown, running from room to room, scaring the shit out of the kids. Then they call SWAT, shut off the lights across campus, and (instead of calmly summoning the named kid to the office for an interview) storm into the room, with the lights out, brandishing automatic weapons, and shouting the wrong name. Kid, terrified, slowly puts up his hands, calmly saying his correct name. They shout at him, yank him out of his chair, cuff him, and drag him to the office. After an hour of this shit they finally figure out they fucked up and this poor kid basically just got swatted. They rudely told him to “go home” and wouldn’t let him go back to class.

    Now everybody is just trying to hide behind ‘confidentiality’ and keep it from getting out that the only people endangering the lives of kids at the school were the Fort Worth Police department. I’m just glad they didn’t shoot any kids while they were playing Ruby Ridge.

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