Flower Mound doctor accused of $69M in fraudulent charges

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A screenshot of a Youtube video of Dr. Daniel Canchola

A Flower Mound family doctor has been charged in a nationwide Medicare fraud bust by federal law enforcement.

Dr. Daniel Canchola, 49, of Flower Mound allegedly accepted kickbacks and bribes for ordering unnecessary cancer screening tests for people he hadn’t spoken to and didn’t even have any sort of physician-patient relationship, according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Justice that was sent last week. Oftentimes, the people for whom Canchola ordered these tests never received their test results.

From about January 2018 through about March 2019, Canchola caused the submission of over $69 million in false and fraudulent claims to Medicare, according to the Department of Justice. Canchola pleaded not guilty this week. He and 34 other doctors are allegedly responsible for over $2.1 billion in losses in one of the largest health care fraud schemes ever charged.

“These defendants allegedly duped Medicare beneficiaries into signing up for unnecessary genetic tests, costing Medicare billions of dollars,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “Together with our law enforcement partners, the Department will continue to protect the public fisc and prosecute those who steal our taxpayer dollars.”

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  1. Avatar
    [email protected]

    I think Dr. Desia needs to be checked out too. My mom had a stroke in 2017 and he runs tests on both of my parents at the same time. My mom was sent to the hospital due to my dad giving my mom his diabetic medication by accident and didn’t say anything to my son that was living there. She was almost in a diabetic coma. After mom left the hospital, she was told to make an appointment with Dr. Desia. I went with them and all Dr. Desia did was ask her how she was doing, knowing she has Alzheimer’s. He didn’t even touch her by listening to her heart or do a blood test to make sure she really was okay. I go with my parents to almost all of their appointments because I ask my dad what the doctor said and he says “he said we are fine.” Then I find out different. Dr. Desia sees alot of elderly people on Medicare. I asked my dad if Desia tested mom for Alzheimer’s and he didn’t say anything. I know he didn’t test her, but put her on Alzheimer’s medication anyway. I think Dr. Desia needs to be investigated. There are other horrible things that happened with Dr. Desia. My dad has Dementia and all of my family members know this and I asked Desia to test him for it. He said he would, but then the next time I was there with my parents, I walked out after Desia left the room. I asked him if he was going to test my dad and he said”he doesn’t have Dementia and he wasn’t going to test him because he answers his questions about his oncologist and his radiation okay. I asked him, “how do you know he is telling you the truth?” Desia brushed me off by saying that he was fine. I’mso pissed off. Desia just keeps collecting medicare money just by my parents coming in sitting down and asking how they are doing and saying “okay, see you in 2 or 3 months.

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    I don’t think so. I know that I’m not an immigrant. I was born in Denton, and lived in Flower Mound since 1992. I am also not on Medicare/Medicaid and never have been. But after this news, I have discovered that this doctor has been billing my insurance every single time I am also being billed by a doctor which I do see, even though I have never seen Dr Canchola. I will have to investigate this further. There may be more to this scheme than just cancer screenings, of which, to my knowledge, I have never had.

  3. Avatar
    Ash Redmond

    Did this doctor cater to immigrants by any chance? It seems to be a trend as with a couple of Metroplex dentists who were billing medicaid for unnecessary procedures and braces…if medicaid or medicare is involved again there needs to be a more vicious watchdog on medicaid billings.

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