Argyle council votes to sanction mayor pro tem

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Ron Schmidt

The Argyle Town Council voted to sanction Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Schmidt on Wednesday night.

The council held a special meeting to discuss a complaint against Schmidt in an executive session, which is closed to the public. After the three-hour private session, three council members voted to sanction Schmidt, said Town Manager Kristi Gilbert. Two council members — Schmidt and Marla Hawkesworth — abstained from voting. Neither have responded to requests for comment, as of Friday.

As a result of the sanctions, Schmidt may not participate in any council meetings until Sept. 25. Additionally, he must issue a public apology to be read at the June 25 council meeting and he will no longer serve as the town’s mayor pro tem. No information about what led to the sanction has been communicated publicly by the town, and the town has not responded to an open records request, as of Friday.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. Avatar
    Argyle Resident

    This is not the first time Schmidt’s conduct has been under scrutiny. He was removed from the Argyle Zoning Board of Adjustments in 2014. Unanimous vote 5-0. Apparently there has been an issue of his residency for many years. It appears he falsified an affidavit stating he lived in Argyle. My understanding is his home is still uninhabitable. No one lives in the home. Purchased in 2011. Being “renovated” for 8 years now. Yet he was registered to vote in Highland Village in the 2016 election as well as had a Homestead Exemption for his Highland Village home in 2016. (see DCAD). How can you claim a Homestead Exemption for Highland Village in 2016, and then say you have lived in Argyle since 2011?? Not sure why he is allowed to be on Town Council at all. I thought you had to be a resident of Argyle to serve. There is a long history of questionable conduct.

  2. Avatar
    M J

    Argyle had a mayor that flipped real estate to the city for the city hall, another one was in trouble with the law, and there was never any sanctions for them. Schmidt must have done something pretty bad to get this sort of treatment.

  3. Avatar
    Adam Polter

    It seems most fair to Mr. Schmidt to handle it in this fashion. It states that he will issue an apology on Tuesday, in two days. That is not a lengthy delay between the action and the explanation. This way, Mr. Schmidt gets to provide his apology and explanation, if there is one, for whatever actions of his led to the sanctions. It seems more appropriate to allow this to come out in a dignified manner. I believe if this was a more serious matter, it would already be known to the public.

  4. Avatar
    Local Argyle Resident

    So, here’s where Argyle starts looking and acting crooked, like so many other DFW Municipalities. Secret closed to the public meetings and elected city officials being silenced? The bigger Argyle gets, the more sketchy our city council looks. I say fire them all and start over with people who have integrity. They can take all their secrets and pound sand somewhere else. They’re probably all just lining their own pockets anyway with all the growth.

  5. Avatar
    Steve Mendyka

    If someone elected is taken from an official position there darn well better be an explanation coming about what caused this punishment. This is a public official, not a private executive. Otherwise it appears to be politics versus something which would be deemed significant enough to cause this type of punishment.

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