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LETTERS: 2019 Municipal & School Board Elections

Election Day is this Saturday, May 4. Feel strongly about your favorite candidate(s)? Tell the world! Submit your letter to the editor here and we’ll post it below. Please make sure to include what town you live in.

Vote for Flower Mound – Vote Because It’s Your Right!

It’s that time of season again, and no, I’m not talking about the rainy season, I’m talking about voting season. Saturday May 4, 2019 is the last day to cast your vote for the future of Flower Mound and where we are headed density, traffic, and growth wise. To find out where you need to vote, please click on the link:

You will continue to hear all of the rhetoric, innuendos, untruthful opinions, and outright ridiculous accusations. You will find several Facebook Groups that, regardless of the admins’ assertions, will lean towards their candidate of choice.

There are many fine fellow neighbors running for town council and the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) Board of Trustees.

I have nothing but positive feedback about all of them. I encourage you to go out and actually shake the hands and ask questions to our future town leaders. Yes, if you go to the Community Activities Center (CAC) or the local district office to cast your vote, make time to find out who you are really voting for. Open up several websites that have already asked the candidates insightful questions or where they have laid out their platform.

The bottom line is don’t take everything you hear as the gospel. When you speak to someone, you know how to tell if they are feeding you BS or telling you the truth! Use your instincts about who to choose, but most importantly, choose to vote!

The bottom line is that military men and women sacrificed for your right to vote, some gave the ultimate sacrifice. Please vote.

Paul Perez
Flower Mound, TX

Mayor Sue is Dedicated Servant

As the president of a public policy think tank, for the past 27 years I have studied government at the federal, state and local levels. And as a resident of Copper Canyon, for the past 24 years I have been grateful to have a stable, responsible and responsive local government.

One thing I’ve learned about government is that what matters is an established track record of good judgment, not any single vote or decision. I loved Ronald Reagan, but I didn’t even agree with Reagan on everything. I have occasionally disagreed with a vote by our fine Congressman Dr. Burgess, but on the whole he’s been a terrific congressman. I’m never going to agree with any politician 100% of the time—what matters is the long-term track record, not any single vote.

And that’s how I feel about our mayor, Sue Tejml. What I’ve seen of Mayor Sue during her tenure is that she has been a dedicated, responsive and tireless servant to the Town.

Frankly, serving in local government can be a pain, and when a town has a great local government with great people willing to serve, you’re pretty lucky. In my view, we’ve been pretty lucky in Copper Canyon for a long time, and I don’t want that to change.

That’s why I’m voting for Sue Tejml, and I hope you will as well. I understand that some folks in town are trying to take advantage of a single decision in order to make drastic, unwise changes in our town’s government, and I’m worried that they might succeed. That’s why I volunteered to write this letter.

I’ve been quick to speak up over the years when I thought the rural nature of our town was threatened, and I’ve ALWAYS found Mayor Sue to be supportive and in agreement. In the recent controversy, frankly I think Mayor Sue and the Council did the best they could to honor the wishes of the residents as well as the interests of the property owners, who also have rights. You may not agree with that decision, but I think turning the town over to unproven and questionable replacements would be an unwise overreaction.

I have serious concerns about Mayor Sue’s challenger. There are reasons why Mayor Sue’s challenger lost his last election there. And when a business in Bartonville wanted to violate town ordinances, Mayor Sue’s challenger sided with the business. And then when the election didn’t go his way, he moved here.

It seems strange to me that someone who has only lived in Copper Canyon a short time would seek to be mayor, especially having campaigned in his previous elections in previous towns on how much he cared about THOSE towns. It’s also strange to me that a person would always feel that, wherever they lived, they had to be in government. If you’re new to a town and want to serve, why not volunteer for P&Z, or run for the Council? Why do you need the top job? I’ve never in 24 years felt I needed to run for office here, because I knew the Town was in good hands.

I think if the Town makes drastic changes in its government over a single decision, we’ll likely regret that decision. That’s why I’m voting for stability, continuity and an admirable track record of service to Copper Canyon. I’m voting for Mayor Sue.

I’m also voting for Jeff Mangum and Karla Hohenberger. Both Jeff and Karla have lived in Copper Canyon for many years, and are committed to the town—they haven’t just arrived, and they probably won’t run off if things don’t go their way.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Mayor Sue, Jeff Mangum and Karla Hohenberger.

Tom Giovanetti
Copper Canyon, TX

Robertson, Stranczek and Davis for Rural Copper Canyon

My name is Dale Andrews. My wife, Vonda, and I have lived in Copper Canyon for 12 years. We feel compelled to write to you regarding the election on Saturday, May 4, 2019. This election will decide the next mayor and city council members of our town. We believe this is a very pivotal and important election. Why? Because we believe the next mayor of our town must have strong leadership skills, vast business and political experience, and strong integrity to be able to navigate our town through inevitable growth while maintaining our RURAL lifestyle.

We would like to attest to the character of three people running for office: Ron Robertson, running for Mayor, Ted Stranczek, running for Place 2, and Robin Davis, running for Place 4, of the city council.

We have known Ron and his family for almost three decades. Ron is an honest man of rare integrity. We had many business dealings with him and his company over the years and have seen Ron in many different situations. Ron is a great leader who listens and respects all. He is known for bringing people together, even when people have different opinions. He successfully uses his knowledge and experience to creatively solve problems, as well. He is respectful of others and comfortable working with all kinds of people. Ron is a man of his word and will do right by people and doesn’t need to be recognized. He works hard and will do the right thing even when no one is looking. That is just how Ron is. No surprises. You know where you stand at all times.

We have also had the pleasure to get to know Ted Stranczek and Robin Davis. Both of these candidates are strong leaders, highly qualified with many years of business experience. Like Ron, these candidates will tirelessly work hard for the citizens of Copper Canyon.

It is time for a CHANGE! Let’s preserve our beautiful, rural town while we still can.

Dale and Vonda Andrews
Copper Canyon, TX

Copper Canyon Founder Supports Robertson, Stranczek and Davis

Bob Shackelford and I and a handful of others, incorporated our town many years ago. The Toll Brothers PD which our family strongly opposed to deaf ears, no doubt, set a precedent for future land changes in order to keep building multiple housing projects. You will eventually be surrounded if you keep the current office in charge.

I have owned land here since 1961 and lived on my 50 acres since 1972. I am an original land owner in Copper Canyon and am saddened by the misrepresentation of CC residents in which current “leaders” are conducting!


PLEASE do your homework and VOTE!


I am endorsing:


Jean Shackelford
Copper Canyon, TX

Robertson, Stranczek, Davis Represent All Residents

My husband and I have lived in Copper Canyon 15 years. We are fortunate enough to live on Corp of Engineer property and have always believed there will be no planned development behind us. Now in the last year or so with all the changes being made in Copper Canyon, we aren’t so sure.

While searching for property here years ago we looked at a gorgeous horse property on Copper Hill Circle owned by a woman who had it decorated and landscaped beautifully. One day I was in the back near the barn and I heard the sounds of bulldozers a few hundred yards away. I stood on the top deck and watched as they plowed down hundreds of trees and cleared the land which would become Lantana. Today that peaceful serene property has a house just a few feet away.

Currently there is a Noble Classic Homes sign that just went up on the east side of Copper Canyon Road. The 30 acres just past the curve on the east side has been sold for planned development. The mayor of Copper Canyon pointed out in her last “What’s Happening” column most of the large acre estates currently for sale including realtor names and in some cases, prices of lots and sizes. The names of the big developers coming to Copper Canyon were mentioned more than actually “what’s happening” in Copper Canyon!

We are being naïve if we think Copper Canyon cannot be overdeveloped and become just another once peaceful small town overrun with large high density developments. Growth is inevitable but we must have people in place who are willing to stand by the zoning ordinances we currently have and control this growth in a way to serve ALL the residents and protect the rural lifestyle we moved here to enjoy. This election is crucial for the future of Copper Canyon. Complacency will result in bulldozers in your backyard, increased traffic and crime as well as taxes. If you aren’t sure of the information being assimilated, call someone. Call Town Hall and ask if you don’t want to ask the candidates. The facts are there if you look in the minutes of all the town council meetings.

We have done our due diligence in looking for people to lead this town with no prejudice and representing ALL residents of Copper Canyon. For that reason, our support is for Ron Robertson for Mayor, Ted Stranczek for Place 2 and Robin Douglas-Davis for Place 4. It’s time for a change in Copper Canyon because Copper Canyon IS changing and we must be proactive and protect our rural lifestyle.

Rudy & Paula Perry Castillo
Copper Canyon, TX

Supports Robertson, Stranczek and Davis

My husband (Bud Henry) and I are longtime residents of Copper Canyon. We purchased our land in 1975 and built our house in 1979. We have tried to keep CC rural and one acre minimum, showing up at Council and P&Z Meetings to speak during public input. Bud over the years has served on CC P&Z, BOA and other various committees.

Having done my due diligence on Ron Robertson for Mayor, I think he will be excellent as he is a professional businessman. Because of his negotiations as Bartonville Mayor on the Kroger Lantana Town Center, in 2018, Bartonville received in sales tax $378,356 and that will double within six (6) years.  CC turned down a similar deal that Ron arranged for CC and Denton County ETJ in 2006, where the CVS and Sonic and cleaners are on FM 407. Ron was not looking to become Mayor, however, a group of us asked him. Ron is the most experienced person for Mayor. We have letters of recommendation and testimonies from Ron’s former Bartonville Council Members and staff. Ron will work for the good of Copper Canyon. In addition, a letter from Texas Municipal League to Ron Robertson as Bartonville Mayor and City Council in reference to Town of Bartonville Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments v. Bartonville Water Supply Corporation extending their gratitude and setting a precedence  n the State.

Ted Stranczek for Place 2 will be excellent (incumbent Jeff). Ted & Judy retired to Copper Canyon and Ted is extremely qualified having skills in marketing, management, operations and budgeting, forecasting, acquisition & development. Ted is very passionate about our Copper Canyon and keeping it rural & one-acre lot minimum, fiscal responsibility, controlled development. Like myself, we have spoken numerous times and become frustrated that the P&Z and Council do not listen to the residents. Ted will work for the good of Copper Canyon.

Jeff Mangum has been on the Council 22 years and we appreciate his service; however, Jeff has voted with the rest of the Council for High Density (Toll Brothers 154 lots are 0.17 acres), big developers, higher taxes, out of control spending (legal fees and engineering fees, etc.). Jeff does not listen to the residents.

Robin Douglas-Davis for Place 4 (she’s been our neighbor for 29 years). Robin is extremely qualified also, since she is a professional business woman with her Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas A&M and Master of Science Degree from Texas Women’s. At one time provided operations & marketing reviews for management at Burlington Northern, Inc. Robin managed $250M in rail transportation for Burlington Northern Railroad. Robin is semi-retired since Robin & Kelly’s daughter is a freshman at Texas A&M. Robin and Kelly have their own business Physical Therapy for equine patients. Robin will work for the good of Copper Canyon.

Dave Svatik opted not to run again, and Sue called Karla Hohenberger to put her application in for Place 4 against Robin – (at the Forum Robin asked Karla how she decided to run, and she said Sue called her.)

Numerous residents have had a lot of flooding issues in our town which need to be addressed and Mayor Sue and Council have ignored. Kevin Walls a fellow resident has been researching for eight years and contacted FEMA, TCEQ, Corp of Engineers, etc. to try and help fellow residents. If you’d like to speak with Kevin about it, his # is 972-896-5933.

The only way we are going to keep our town rural and elect representatives who listen to us is to elect a new Mayor and Council Place 2 and Council Place 4 with these three candidates which Bud and I are endorsing.

 Some of us paid for a professional videographer to film the forum in HD so it could be posted for people who were unable to make the forum on April 8th. It is posted on The Cross Timbers Gazette and this is the link.

If you have any questions, call me (972-896-5065). Or if you’d like to call the candidates and ask them questions, below are their numbers.

Ron Robertson – 214.558.1400

Ted Stranczek – 214.676.0060

Robin Douglas Davis – 214.679.4237

Thank you and please vote. It is the only way we will be able to change what is happening to our town and to preserve keeping it rural.

God bless Copper Canyon, and God bless America!

Nancy & Bud Henry
Copper Canyon, TX

Re-elect Jeff Traylor to Bartonville Town Council

I would like to encourage Bartonville residents to re-elect Jeff Traylor to the Bartonville town council. He has good business experience and our town is doing very well with the current council members. It wouldn’t make sense to replace Jeff with someone that has no experience, has only lived in Bartonville for 3 years, and is causing strife with all of her new neighbors. Re-elect Jeff Traylor!

Vicki Burford
Bartonville, TX

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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