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LETTERS: In Support of Mayor Sue Tejml

I am writing in support of Mayor Sue Tejml to continue as the mayor of Copper Canyon.  My husband, Van, and I were able to fulfill our dream of buying a home in Copper Canyon nine years ago.  Soon after moving here, we needed some assistance with a property problem and did not really even know who could help.  We turned to the town, and “Mayor Sue” quickly returned our call.  What we experienced was Sue Tejml listened carefully to our problem, asked questions to understand deeply all of the aspects to the issue, and then told us exactly what resources and work she and town staff could bring to the solution.  Then she did EXACTLY what she said she would do.  The difficult problem was addressed and handled. She even made a follow up call to us to check and see if all was still going well!

Having served in an educational leadership position for over 20 years and now owning my own company serving others as an Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with many different types of leaders.  Sue Tejml is the picture of a servant leader.  She is smart, hard-working, dedicated, and caring. She brings a wealth of understanding of our community, the law and citizen needs to the job.  At this time in our community, I want someone I know I can pick up the phone and call.  I know if I do, I will be listened to and my concerns will be taken seriously.  I will also receive accurate communication.

I would like to encourage all of my Copper Canyon neighbors to do your homework and research the views of our mayor and her opposition.  Then exercise your right to vote!  We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful community. We have country living with city amenities.  We have great roads and services and we have a leader who operates with integrity and a servant heart.  I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Sue Tejml for Copper Canyon Mayor!

Cheryl Close

Copper Canyon, TX

In recent letters published in this newspaper supporting Ron Robertson for Copper Canyon mayor, we find it presumptuous and condescending that none of his supporters lives or votes in Copper Canyon. We don’t think Copper Canyon residents need outsiders to tell us how we should run our town. So we want to say a few words in support of Mayor Sue Tejml.

We have lived in Copper Canyon for 16 years, and during that time, our town, along with all of North Texas, has faced significant pressure for growth and change. We have also faced increasing encroachment from our neighbors to the east and west while trying to maintain the rural atmosphere of our town. During this time, Mayor Sue has dedicated herself tirelessly to Copper Canyon. She has worked diligently to balance the needs and desires of competing interests. Along with Mayor Pro-tem Jeff Mangum and other council members, she pushed for ordinances that allowed mineral rights owners to benefit from fracking while protecting the rights of surface property owners. This plan proved more successful than any of our neighboring cities. Working with the Planning and Zoning Commission, she was able to help property owners along the FM 407 corridor realize the value of their property and still maintain our rural atmosphere. At the same time, she constantly talks with residents about local issues, works with the county commissioners court, the water district, Cross Timbers Water Supply, the fire department, the Area Mayors’ Forum, and countless other committees to ensure the interests of our town are protected. She also has improved our infrastructure while keeping our tax rate at one of the lowest levels in North Texas.

While this was going on in Copper Canyon, Bartonville, which has been held up as an example of what Copper Canyon should emulate, went through contentious and expensive litigation with what is now Cross Timbers Water Supply and has seen increasing commercial development encroach on its rural lifestyle. We do not want to see Copper Canyon go in that direction.

With the personal attacks she has received this election cycle, we are not sure why Mayor Sue still wants this job, but we’re glad she does. As residents of Copper Canyon, we strongly urge you, our neighbors, to join us in voting to re-elect Mayor Sue. She truly is dedicated to our town.

Jim and Rita Lokie
Copper Canyon, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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