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LETTERS: In Support of Ron Robertson

I fully endorse and highly recommend Ron Robertson for Mayor of Copper Canyon. His background and experience brings significant value to the town and citizens of Copper Canyon. Ron is a strong leader with 30 years of proven credentials and experience in state and local government. His vision and years of dedication and hard work as Mayor of Bartonville, Coppell City Council and Mayor Pro-Tem reveals his successes. As CEO of one of the largest and most reputable pool companies in the United States, Ron brings budgeting and business experience to all of Copper Canyon. Ron listens and stands up for what is best for the community.  As shown in Bartonville, Ron stood up against “big government and companies” who tried to take advantage of the town and citizens. Ron is a friend and family man who cares about others and has given back to the local communities for many years. His honesty, integrity, professionalism and personal involvement in community service, education and public service shows the type of man he truly is. Change is good when it is for positive reasons.  Ron’s proven leadership will bring that positive change to Copper Canyon. Please vote for Ron Robertson as your next Mayor of Copper Canyon.

Tim Landrum
Bartonville, TX

Having served with Ron Robertson on Bartonville Town Council I can attest that Ron is an individual that served as Mayor with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and caring for the entire community. My  wife and I now live in Justin and can only wish that Ron and his wife Sylvia had moved here – we would then be able to appreciate the same quality of leadership that the citizens of Copper Canyon will soon be able to enjoy. Were it not for Ron and his vision, Bartonville would not be enjoying the solid financial stability that it enjoys today.

Jim Farrell
Justin, TX

It is said that “A great leader possesses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus.  Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.” Ron Robertson is a great leader, not a manager. There is a huge difference between the two.  I had the privilege of working with Ron for ten plus years during his tenure as a council member and then as mayor.  I was the Bartonville town manager and he was the leader.  When I say privilege, I mean it.  I cannot tell you how much I learned from that man.  He has a wealth of knowledge about local government, growth and people management.  It too is said, that a great leader is one who motivates others to do the best they can toward a common goal.  That’s Ron. He is genuine.  He shoots from the hip and has an uncanny ability to see through all distractions and focus on the main objective.   The citizens of Copper Canyon will be very fortunate to have Ron Robertson as their leader.

Debbie Millican
Denton, TX

I am writing this letter to share my position of endorsement for Ron Robertson as Mayor of Copper Canyon. As a former citizen of Bartonville for over 13 years, I have had the personal honor of serving on the Bartonville Town Council alongside Ron for several of those years as either a council member or Mayor ProTem. Ron has always acted proactively or reactively with the highest integrity and thoughtfulness in the best interests of the township. Ron is quite approachable and would routinely confer with the council on all matters at hand to ‘check the pulse’ on each action item. Ron truly cares about homeowner’s rights and as well as ‘what is right for the town’! Ron created and maintains a high performing DFW metro-wide pool company over the past several decades. Ron knows how to put into action, and has demonstrated many times over, his ‘business acumen’ in the best interest re: the town’s finances and financial opportunities! If you want to help maintain or lower the tax rate and keep Copper Canyon rural and protect landowners rights VOTE YES for Ron Robertson.

Carla Anderson
Stevensville, MT

As a 12-year-long resident of Bartonville, I’m currently living in Copper Canyon after my home was flooded last August. Noting an unsettling political climate here, I urge CC voters to make a positive difference in how their town is managed and prepared for inevitable growth by electing Ron Robertson as your new mayor.  During Ron’s successful tenure as Mayor of Bartonville, I witnessed and supported his leadership style and cooperative commitment to work with all citizens and Town Council members. Ron Robertson is an open and fair-minded candidate, dedicated to the same municipal mission he presented and followed in Bartonville, and previously as Mayor Pro-Tem and eight-year Councilman in Coppell.  He is always accessible and eager to listen to every citizen—not a power clique—to address concerns and fix problems affecting all cities: a transparent Town Hall and Council, effective budgeting, efficient spending to maintain quality services, a forward-looking, doable Master Plan, and a reasonable, low tax rate, something Copper Canyon residents don’t currently enjoy.  If I were to remain a permanent resident of Copper Canyon, I would again trust Ron Robertson’s leadership to make good things happen for my town; I’ve seen his intent and follow-through bring value and create trust necessary to identify and solve problems. For new government leadership, vote on May 4, for a good neighbor, successful business founder-operator, and in my opinion the best choice for Mayor of Copper Canyon—Ron Robertson.

Jim Ball
Copper Canyon, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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