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Liberty Christian senior savors memories

Lauren Nealy

Lauren Nealy, 18, has had some special moments during her time at Liberty Christian School; and, more than anything else, she wants to remember them.

It is no surprise, then, that the LCS senior is vice president of the Photography Club, in which she and her friends, “help teach Adobe Photoshop and photography skills.”

“Studying things like photography provides a more sophisticated avenue for capturing such memories and allows me to discover new, somewhat eccentric ways to view the world,” Nealy said.

Nealy is also an Impact leader– mentoring an eighth grade student– and serves as manager of the cheer team at Liberty Christian School.

The Roanoke teen is also a competitor on the Science Olympiad team and is currently in the process of making a flute out of PVC pipe with one of her friends for the competition.

“Especially, since it is my last year in high school, being involved is a great way to make memories with my friends, meet new people and better myself academically and socially,” Nealy said. “In addition, getting involved has allowed me to strengthen the more creative side of my brain, which breaks up the monotony of everyday life.”

Nealy is also a member of the National Honor Society and is ranked sixth out of her graduating class of 124 students, carrying a 4.34 grade point average along the way.

In spite of her stellar academic record, Nealy said she has struggled in the past with a need for perfection.

“One of the biggest challenges I have had to overcome is performance anxiety,” Nealy said. “Way too early in life, I became obsessed with the idea of being the perfect student with straight A’s and the highest grade in the class. Consequently, every test, quiz and assignment became a battle for ‘success,’ rather than a learning experience.

“As I grew older, teachers, such as my physics teacher Mr. Hartzler, have taught me that going to school is about much more than getting A’s; rather, school is about developing skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, that are necessary to be successful long term. This mindset and the pure grace of God have allowed me to enjoy the learning process, regardless of what grade I may receive.”

Nealy will attend Baylor University in the fall and plans to study Supply Chain Management.

Nealy’s Favorites

Favorite Subject: Biology and Calculus

Person who most inspires you: My mother

Favorite Food: Chicken fried rice

Favorite Movie: Oceans 8

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Last Book Read: Frankenstein

Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Sam Smith

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