LETTER: Paying forward a random act of kindness

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the Bartonville Kroger, I was the recipient of a generous act of kindness. Perhaps she reads your paper and now will know that I did pay it forward.

I could not convince her that she needed to pick someone else to give money for their groceries. I think I need to start dressing better while shopping. I also was using coupons. She said she saw me in the produce section, so I guess she observed me picking up a package of salad and putting it back. Maybe she determined that I did that because of the price.

Actually I had a coupon for the item, but realized it was good for another month and today I didn’t need salad. I said I would pay it forward and I am, matching her donation with another.  She said that God told her to give that money to ME. So maybe it was so I could match her amount and give to someone I know who can use it. Or maybe God wanted me to witness a very generous random act of kindness.

I had been to church earlier in the day and had been talking to God. Did He tell me to go to this store at this time? Maybe. I hope this woman is blessed abundantly, because it is obvious she is a very faith filled, generous lady. And she made my day and more.

Pat Langa
Robson Ranch

CTG Staff
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