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Northlake Notes — February 2019

Northlake Mayor Peter Dewing

The Good and Unpleasant:

The Good:

As always, we are still in discussions with additional commercial and retail businesses to bring jobs and modern conveniences to the residents of Northlake. Having a comprehensive plan and following it, the current regulations, responsiveness, low municipal tax rate, exceptional schools, and housing options are major factors companies find favorable and have been attracting businesses to Northlake.

Some of the new businesses open include Holiday Inn Express, BurgerIM, Northlake Family Eyecare and Northlake Pet Hospital. A few of the businesses that should be opening up soon include LaQuinta, Amano Bistro, a dentist, a health clinic, a nail salon and Goddard School (a private preschool and daycare).

Road improvements, weather allowing, that will be completed this quarter are Sam Lee Lane and the Dale Earnhardt Way extension down at I-35W and SH 114.

The Unpleasant:

TxDOT is planning to have the first of two public meetings during the first quarter of 2019 but, they still have not scheduled it. I encourage attending and providing your comments and ideas at the public meetings. If you cannot attend I would encourage submitting your thoughts or make comments to their website not on local Facebook pages.

One recently elected council member is still attempting to stop any and all development. In my opinion, she believes that only her views matter. Her position entitles her to mislead people on her Facebook page with deceptive/partial information. She has already expressed her opinion on Facebook that she believes that the current councilmembers need to be replaced in order to stop any growth and that Northlake has been ruined. I would say if you like the progress in Northlake, disregard anything she says.

She has opposed every business and housing development since before 2007. She also continues to mislead residents in Northlake that a future community “Pecan Square” has increased traffic on FM 407 and is having a negative impact on “old” residents. False, out of the 8,000+ vehicles over 6,300 are traveling from/to FM 156. She is opposed to Pecan Square which will bring a high school, middle school, elementary school, and sports complex to Northlake. She stated publicly that if we don’t have homes, we don’t need schools. Her previous position says a lot of what she thinks of new residents to Northlake. She also is an administrator of a Facebook page and controls what can be said or viewed. Sounds like a page from Hillary or Pelosi position, state what people want to hear and not the truth or personal beliefs.

Last word:

We need to work together for the best interest of all of us and continue to improve Northlake, and not dwell on the past.

If you have suggestions or comments on how to enrich and improve Northlake for all, please let me know. If you like the stability, services, and projects the Town is working on let the Council know. Additionally, I encourage everyone to take the time to attend at least one Council meeting in the next year to see how your Town Officials communicate and make decisions, all agendas and Council packets are posted on the official website to ensure we remain transparent to you.

I encourage questions, concerns or recommendations not be made on Facebook. Rather direct them to the staff or an elected representative(s) via their official e-mail. Social media is not public to every resident, Town e-mails are. The staff and I are always willing to answer any questions or address concerns, when inquiries are made this way, they become public record. If you hear or see something on social media that interests you, contact the Town to voice your views. All facts and voices should be heard and not only presented by a few who hide on the internet. Your voice and opinion matter. Contact information for staff and councilmembers is located at

I am excited that the Town has a bright future and will continue to welcome everyone for generations to come. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve your quality of life in Northlake or recommendations to improve public communications/information, please let me know.

Thank you for the privilege of representing you and the Town.

Peter Dewing, JD., CWO3/USMC (ret), 940-390-4303, [email protected]

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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