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Pastor’s Place: The Journey is the Destination

Chris Schoolcraft, Senior Pastor, Argyle United Methodist Church

By Reverend Chris Schoolcraft, Argyle United Methodist Church

Every year is an opportunity for us to take stock of who we are and think deeply about how we would like to grow and develop the best versions of ourselves.

The most common ways offered to us to evaluate our lives is in comparison to other people’s lives or to the images offered to us on TV and through social media. Couple that with our culture’s desire for instant gratification and you have a recipe for frustration and denial. We want to skip the process to its least invasive form so that we can get the best results with the least effort or discomfort.

Yet, the truth is whatever meaningful and worthwhile destination we may have in mind, it is almost impossible to reach that destination and maintain the newness we want experience if there isn’t some part of us that is changed and transformed. We want to skip the journey, but in reality, the journey is the destination. If we focus on the journey and stay present in the process for each and every step, then what we hoped for may dwarf in comparison to what actually may be possible.

Now, it is easy to talk about the courage it takes to stay present and engaged in the journey, it is quite another to live it. Because transformation takes places in our most tender and protected places, none of us can escape skinning our knees, shedding tears, and seething in frustration. But, that does not make the journey any less important. Actually, the struggle is what makes it worthwhile and necessary.

My prayer for you this new year is that you take a good hard inventory of your life and you thoughtfully consider one area that you seriously want to address. Sum up the courage and begin to the journey. Know the direction you want to go, but don’t buy in too quickly to what the results you think you are trying to achieve. Give yourself to the process and let God surprise you.

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CTG Staff
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