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If you’re traveling for Christmas, don’t forget about Vacation Watch

Photo courtesy of the town of Flower Mound

If you live in southern Denton County and you’re planning to travel this holiday season, don’t forget about Vacation Watch programs.

Local police departments offer free Vacation Watch programs for residents throughout the year. Residents can request police to check their home periodically for any suspicious or unusual activity while they’re gone, providing some peace of mind for residents heading out of town for Christmas.

Police departments in Argyle, Denton, Flower Mound, Highland Village and other local municipalities offer the free service. For more information, contact your local police department.[0]=68.ARAsQEjZ3vUrPsf0UuRgT3OMt7u_8HiZkSLaV5IL5nXxiRLpmSQ4C4i2wDOtZnhmoFd1A47LsgJ49gWYTTgQ86mykJD8-qXESPzXbUqPyOhYKN170GHxh8YeDGLGhzsVHWV8BOpr5QoL8wBbXyhiNO5Yax7c5usse5fxZe7iV8OVF-pvQwFTYo5TDU_WeDqALsmkiY07yUtC-83fuJK0Q7lt2A0UyRWhlaM_Fb_un_EsSl4MqbD8z954hq1IPoriuVt-Y4-hfIXr_DZGlTxptcWXyB_dltaK2QFgdSMpURsgao5kyif8CFTbK72_4UnPU8I0o1wqnuAldvvdZGDy7sSQndbAcKv-vkRxBA&__tn__=-R

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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