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Mosquitoes pose health threat in Denton County

Janet Laminack, Denton County Extension Agent-Horticulture

by Janet Laminack, Denton County Extension Agent-Horticulture

What is the world’s deadliest animal? It’s not snakes or sharks or even armyworms (fortunately), it’s mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes get the blame of being the deadliest animal to humans because of the diseases they can carry. Currently we are seeing a lot more mosquitoes, about ten times more than previous weeks according to the Denton County Health Department.  This is not a huge surprise given that we have had so much rain lately.

Earlier this year, mosquitoes were trapped that were carrying the West Nile Virus (WNV) and the county has had one positive human case. Therefore, it is very possible that we could see more mosquitoes with WNV or even Zika. The best ways to minimize your risk from WNV or Zika is to wear a repellent recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These repellents should contain at least one of these active ingredients: DEET, Picaridin or IR3535. An effective organic control recommended by the CDC is oil of lemon eucalyptus; however, it needs to be reapplied more frequently than other repellents.

Also, look around your home and dump out any standing water. I know that is an impossible chore with our recent weather. However, you do not want water to stand for 7-10 days especially when there is organic material such as soil or leaves present. You know those yucky, stinky areas that mostly seem muddy with a tiny bit of water? The mosquito that carries WNV prefers those spots for breeding so look around at small areas such as sagging tarps, flowerpots, buckets, outdoor toys or even low spots in lawns. If you have a fountain or any other water holding vessel that cannot be dumped, use a larvicide that is based on Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). This bacteria feeds on fly larvae, has very little environmental effect and are safe for non-target insects and mammals.  This is much more effective and has a lower environmental impact than treating adult mosquitoes. Be sure to follow the label on these products and note that they are only effective for about 30 days.

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CTG Staff
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