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Northlake Notes — August 2018

Northlake Mayor Peter Dewing

By Northlake Mayor Peter Dewing

The Good and Unpleasant

The Good: Northlake’s policies, location and ordinances continue to attract new business. We have one of the lowest tax rates in DFW. Our location to major transportation hubs, exceptional schools, and housing options for current and future employees are major factors the companies have been looking look for in DFW.

Credit and debit cards are now accepted at the Town to pay utility bills. Once the online software security testing is completed the town’s website and utility bills will be updated with how to set up an account. 

Improvements to Cleveland-Gibbs from FM 407 to FM 1171 have started and is planned to be completed by the end of the year or the first quarter of 2019. Also, sewer, road, and drainage improvements at Dale Earnhardt have begun. TxDOT has begun repaving 35W during evening hours. 

The budget I am proposing to the council will keep the current 0.2905 cent tax rate the same. If approved, we will be able to improve services (accounting, public works and administration) and provide an additional officer to improve 24/7 police response/coverage. We will still have a balanced budget while at the same time improving services, not decreasing them.  

This article will be published after the July 26th council meeting; however, the council will discuss if water system improvements to both pressure plains that impact health, safety and quality for everyone in Northlake will be funded without increasing taxes or water/wastewater rates: more to follow.

Popeye’s is open.  

A traffic light at FM 407 and Harvest Way should be installed within the next two weeks. I became involved and spoke with the supplier after hearing from a couple of residents, and I have confirmation the parts have been delivered this past week to the construction company. 

The Unpleasant:  TxDOT is still studying the need to expand FM 407. Please share your comments and concerns at the public meetings, and let Denton County TxDOT know your concerns. They can be reached at 940-387-1414. Make comments to their website not on your community Facebook page. 

Some people are out to jeopardize the Town’s financial stability, public safety (police), health, and quality of life (public works) for all. If you like the stability, services, and projects the Town is working on let the Staff and Council know.

There are new Council members that believe everything needs to stop (business, homes, road improvements, water and wastewater infrastructure, police services…) Also, they believe that everyone on various committees, that did/does not agree 100% of the time with them, need to be replaced with someone that will only listen to them. Their agenda is what they perceive Northlake should be: no business or schools, divide communities/people, and stir up controversy on social media with disinformation.   

Last word:  Canyon Falls residents in Northlake and Argyle’s water system was changed from a temporary to a permanent UTRWD “take point.” Sorry for the inconvenience, it was one of those necessary steps we needed to take to ensure a reliable water source for the Town’s residents. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve these types of notices (single community-focused event), please let me know. I am always looking for ways to improve public communication/information. 

I believe in total transparency. I would encourage communications be on the record and public. Statements made to or by public officials via their official e-mail should be available to the public without hiding behind social media. If you hear or see something on social media that interests you contact the Town to voice your views. All voices should be heard and not only a few who hide on the internet. Your voice and opinions matter. Contact information for staff and councilmembers is located at 

I am excited that the Town has a bright future and will continue to welcome everyone for generations to come. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve your quality of life in Northlake, please let me know. Thanks for your time. Pete, 940-390-4303, [email protected] 

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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