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Around Argyle – July 2018

Argyle Police Chief Temple Cottle

by Temple Cottle, Police Chief

It is always a pleasure to talk about the positive happenings at the Argyle Police Department. Over the last five months several experienced Argyle officers have been in a competitive promotional process. After many late hours of studying, extensive testing and interviewing, two officers were promoted to the position of Sergeant. Sgt. Daniel Rounsavall and Sgt. Antonio Segura have assumed those duties in May and June.  Congratulations to both.

The exciting news for the Police Department, and the community we serve, is the opportunity to increase our service level within the community. We do that by focusing on crime prevention techniques and enhancing our relationships in the community.  When crime does occur, we depend on those community relationships to help solve that crime and prevent it in the future. Over the summer and continuing through the year, our officers are tasked with recognizing an issue in the community and working through that issue. They do this by not only defining the problem but coming up with solutions. You can expect more contact from our officers this summer as they seek out issues and apply problem-solving techniques.

Beginning this fall the Argyle Police Department will be accepting Argyle citizens and business owners into our Citizens Police Academy. The CPA will give you the opportunity to train in areas that mirror what all our officers do in their primary training to become police officers.  As part of the training, you will ride out with a patrol officer and experience exactly what they do on a daily basis.

If you know someone that is a police officer licensed in Texas or is thinking about becoming a police officer, the Argyle Police Department is hiring. Because of the increased need for officers, we have openings for patrol officers.  The entrance level is high and only a fraction of those that inquire make it through the process. The basic requirements are the desire to serve and the ability to solve problems in a rational and de-escalating way. If you or someone you know is interested, contact our recruiting email at [email protected] or phone 940-271-4260.

It is summer and our priorities change. School traffic goes away, but vacations and their activities are upon us. If you are leaving for an extended period, please let us know so we can help your neighbors keep an eye on your residence while you are away. This is a service that is important to us. Contact Amanda at 940-464-7254 and she can guide you on how to get your “Vacation Watch” setup.

Speaking of summer and the traffic, it seems the well-known Argyle Turkey family looks for shade too. Our calls about the turkeys go way down in the summer but our calls for accidents do not. Please be safe on the Argyle roads. Accidents caused by driver inattention continue to be a real problem.

The 4th of July is rapidly approaching and we want everyone to have a happy and safe holiday. One thing that accompanies the 4th of July is fireworks. The Argyle Police Department responds to numerous calls for service each year regarding fireworks. Remember, we have a town ordinance that bans possession, distribution and discharging of fireworks within our town limits. Violation of that ordinance includes a fine up to $2,000. With the Texas heat, and lack of rain, conditions are ripe for fires. Many of our citizens also own livestock. We would also ask that you keep in mind the sensitivity that animals have to the explosive sounds that accompany fireworks. I know that we can work together to ensure that all citizens of Argyle have a great 4th of July. Stay safe.

Thanks for sharing a few moments of your time. As the recently promoted Police Chief in Argyle, it is not just a pleasure, but an honor to be given the opportunity to earn your trust on a daily basis. Do not hesitate in letting me know your concerns or praises for the Argyle Police Department.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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