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LETTER: Dixon is the whole package

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To my friends, neighbors and voters in Flower Mound,

If you are not aware, there is an important election for mayor this Saturday. While I do not make a habit of publicly endorsing a candidate, I feel it is very important that I do so now. The mayor’s race is between two candidates, Steve Dixon and Cathy Strathmann.

Cathy Strathmann has no experience in city service but is running on the usual buzz words; too much density, too many apartments, too much traffic. She also apparently delights in disparaging her opponent.

The other candidate, Steve Dixon, has served our town over the years in many capacities, not the least of which was serving on the P&Z Commission for five years and the Town Council for six years. Yes, eleven years of bi-weekly, long night meetings away from his wife and daughters, unselfishly serving our town and structuring our future. How fortunate we are that he wants to serve as our mayor. It is not often you get the complete package; leadership, experience, knowledge, Christian values, integrity and charisma.

Of all Flower Mound mayors in my 25 years of living here, working here and interacting with city officials, I feel like we have never had a better candidate for mayor. To know Steve is to like and respect him. Please don’t accept my word for it, ask those that know him and have served with him. He not only is the perfect choice, he is the only choice. I realize that early voting in this runoff election is over, but June 16th is Election Day.  Please join me in electing Steve Dixon to lead us into the future.

Ken Hodge
Flower Mound, TX

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  1. Blake Benney

    Flower Mound Friends,
    Writing all of you today to implore you to PLEASE GO VOTE tomorrow in the mayoral runoff election. If you voted in the May election, but have not early-voted for the runoff, your vote does not count! So please get out there tomorrow. There will be plenty of friendly faces in green to help you get it done, and done right.

    I’ve seen some old, ugly politics return to FM this time around, and I’m ashamed of the actions of some of our fellow citizens. There’s a nice write-up by Ken Hodge here espousing the things that matter…the character, experience and the poise of Steve Dixon. That letter is followed by some comments by his opponent’s supporters which are both incorrect and irrelevant. Steve’s not someone who’s interested in paving our entire town despite some of the crap you’ve seen. By the way, my family has been in Flower Mound for 33 years right now (why the comment about 36 years here is irrelevant), and I’ve known Steve and his family for the same amount of time.

    By the way, you all may know that Denton County has roughly 800,000 citizens (FM is under 10% of that population. In the next 20 years, Denton County will swell to 2,000,000 citizens. It is imperative that we have the right representation of our town to grow in an intelligent and consistent manner because the growth is coming, like it or not. Steve has the vision and understanding to help keep the wrong type of growth from taking place and to manage the inevitable growth in a way that benefits our town, its amenities and citizens. Does his opponent have boardroom experience, business leadership experience and acumen to represent our interests? Where’s the evidence and experience to support that she can go toe to toe in public and in the boardroom? Sorry, as a businessman myself, I do not see it. By the way, I’m sure she’s a nice lady.

    This election is about character and commitment to our community. Not about manufacturing fear or trying to tar and feather a candidate with falsehoods. It’s also about qualification and experience. Steve has all those boxes checked, and his opponent simply does NOT. This is why we’re seeing the “creative” campaigning by the other side. I won’t stand for it, and ask that you all do the same by voting for Steve tomorrow. He rises above the drama and ugly politics that FM has become known for in recent years. He has the integrity and character to represent our city in a dignified and responsible manner. However this election turns out, we better all hope we’re represented well by our next Mayor. Please get out there and vote for Steve Dixon tomorrow.

  2. Mike Miller

    I am voting for Cathy. Her approach best aligns with my interests. Importantly, she has no existing conflicts of interest. She is not an insider politician. She will never be a lackey for developers. She is supported by several members of town council. I know her to very carefully consider the views of others and she sincerely listens to all points of view. She will also fight for fairness. Her loyalty is to the people of Flower Mound. Cathy will make a great mayor.

    This high-density housing is changing our town and not for the good. Cathy has been a longtime advocate of Flower Mound not turning into endless apartments. We are both concerned about the master plan, smart growth, and town’s protective ordinances for development. We need more discernment about incentives and waivers of the developer’s and impact fees. For example, the Town was owed $8 Million of park fees for the Point. The developer offered $300,000 and the town agreed. That was $7.7 Million of taxpayer money.

    Cathy gladly welcomes new business, but she also does not want FM taxpayers to take all the risks for business startups. Some of these businesses have defaulted and FM needs to pursue reimbursements.

    We both agree that more needs to be done to protect and conserve the natural beauty of Flower Mound.
    We are also both concerned about the town’s debt. I know about the bond rating but the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. Currently, we are in $230MM of debt plus interest. I don’t want to get in a hole where we can’t get out. I have lived long enough to have seen real pain when the economy goes down.

    The most important thing for me is that I want someone to represent me and my interests- not the interests of millionaire developers and their lobbyists. Look around town- You don’t see pink signs on all the real estate and developer’s land. Her supporters are people like me. I am voting for Cathy. Thanks for your consideration.

    Mike Miller

  3. Jim Pierson

    I wanted to vote for the experienced guy….. I mean who wouldn’t choose experience over a newcomer?
    Then I looked to the east and saw the debacle in our nations capitol….. and then to the west and saw the politics of that area; and I saw the huge number of people who are leaving that area.

    I remembered a quote from “back in the day” when they still taught literature, history and civics in school (sorry, I digress) and I realized that this quote is just as true today as it was in 1870 when written by John Dalberg-Acton.

    “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    And so, I am not surprised to once again see an endorsement by a BUILDER for the experienced one.
    The complaint against his opponent is that Cathy Strathmann is running her campaign on “buzz words”. “too much density, too many apartments, too much traffic.”

    What? Sounds a great deal like a platform to me….. And her opponent is touted for his 11 years of service. Stop and ask yourself the question…. “How much of the present density, apartments and traffic has Mr. Dixon participated in approving???” And why would a builder take time out of his busy day to write an endorsement??? I’m going to chalk it up to sincerity……

    I am sure Mr. Dixon is a nice guy. I am just as sure he is “for” most everything I am “against”. And I thank him for his service, but it is time to let someone else take the reins.
    As a 36 year resident of Flower Mound and one who supports the “buzz word” candidate Cathy Strathmann, that is who got my vote.


  4. Karyn Walsh

    Delights in disparaging her opponent? Cathy has focused on the positive aspects she will bring to the position as Mayor, I have never once heard her say anything negative about her opponent. Didn’t the author of this editorial bring a project in front of Town called Quail Run Estates while Mr. Dixon was on P&Z, and he was the only commissioner who voted in favor of removing the 13 acres from the CTCDD? Perhaps he’s returning the favor through a false narrative about Cathy. I know Mrs. Strathmann will protect the CTCDD which is much more than I can say about her opponent.

  5. Tim Wilson

    Steve has a lot of experience but unfortunately his record indicates that he’s too accommodating to developers when his loyalty should be to the taxpayers of the town of Flower Mound. Look no further than the Southgate debacle. Steve is now distancing himself from the decisions that he made but at the time he was the project biggest advocate. Kathy is the clear choice. Steve is just another politician who talks but doesn’t say anything.

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