Around Argyle – April 2018

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Argyle Mayor Donald Moser

I want to personally congratulate the Argyle High School Girls Basketball Team on their fourth state title.  These girls really make our community proud with all their hard work and commitment.

March 22, 2018 marked the end of an era. Chief William Tackett retired from the Argyle Police Department after over 25 years of service to our community.  We want to thank him for his years of service and wish him well in his retirement.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Community as: a group of people who work together towards a common goal, who share the same core beliefs and help each other out through the hard times.

This article is titled “Around Argyle” and I generally talk about all the things going on in town.  I sometimes have a difficult time finding enough events or activities to fill the article.  I do try to make sure every article is happy and whimsical.

Well, what is happing “Around Argyle” lately does not make me feel very happy or whimsical but it is the truth.  We have a great community and even a little bit of down home feel left in our little town even though it is 2018.  We openly welcome newcomers to town and I feel we truly don’t mind sharing our little slice of heaven with others.

Argyle Police Chief Tom Tackett retired from his post effective March 22 after more than 25 years of serving the town. Tackett holds the record of being the longest-tenured employee in the town’s 55-year history. Captain Temple Cottle, an 18-year veteran of the department, has been named as Interim Police Chief while a search is conducted for the next police chief.

It has become apparent that our little secret is out and there are others that want to partake in our lifestyle, or do they?  Lately when individuals come in and say “I want to be part of the Community” I must pause and take a breath because all too often there is a caveat to that statement.  That caveat being ‘IF’ they can build a certain business or scrape sixty acres clean and build three hundred homes.  Buying a piece of land and putting up a building for a new business and dreaming of the profits to be made from the endeavors you want to pursue is not being part of the community!

I had a developer tell me in a meeting that he was going to be part of the community so I didn’t need to worry if they were going to adhere to codes or build a quality product.  I then apologized and told him I was not aware he was going to move to Argyle and asked him where he was looking.  He promptly replied “Oh I’m not moving to Argyle, I just meant we were going to be part of the community as we were building our development.”  That’s what I’m talking about, just because someone drives through Argyle doesn’t mean they are part of the community.  And that’s what developers and individuals with grand ideas do.  They drive through our town, become part of the “Community” for a moment, and then we are left to look at the results.

What I don’t think people understand is “When you have something special, you need to truly appreciate and protect it!”  When the community stands up together and speaks out against intrusion, the proponents for change get offended that anything was said at all.  We need to make sure our community stays a community.

Be sure to attend our first annual Argyle Derby Day on Saturday, May 5th. Activities include:

  • Opening and unveiling the new Argyle Community Park on Crawford Road
  • Kentucky Derby Watch Party
  • Children’s Events & Exhibitions
  • Food Trucks
  • Live Music from Tanner Fenoglio & Charlie J. Memphis Bands
  • Games
  • Bounce Houses
  • Local Vendors
  • Fun for the Entire Family!!!

Sign up to volunteer for this event here:

To inquire about participating as a vendor for this event please email:

Matt Jones – [email protected]
Jay Dill – [email protected]
Todd Mankin – [email protected]

May 5th is also an extremely important day for the Town of Argyle. Proposition-A Sales Tax Reallocation Proposal will be up for vote.  I encourage everyone to vote “YES” on this proposition – It looks a little confusing, but essentially, it’s taking a half cent tax we already have allocated to our Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and dividing that in half and allocating that half to our CIP (Capital Improvement Project) fund – this includes Street Maintenance. The end result being that instead of half a cent going to the EDC, one quarter cent will go to EDC and the other quarter cent going to our CIP fund to include Street Maintenance.  This is so important for our town as there has never been a funds set aside for street maintenance.  This is a proposal our town greatly needs to pass.

With all the event going on May 5th, I will be cancelling the Morning with the Mayor for that day.  We will pick back up on June 2nd.

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  1. Avatar
    Joey Ketchersid

    Fred and other newcomers to Argyle and Texas leave where they were to come to a great place, but immediately try to change us to what they left. They are welcome, but only if they assimilate to our way of life. Thanks

  2. Avatar
    Donald Moser

    There are so many misconceptions that have been stated about argyle. Such as the numerous ones by Mr. Fred and Ms. Leona. That is why the first Saturday of every month I make myself available for an open dialogue meeting. It is quite enjoyable and can be educational too.

  3. Avatar

    Sounds like you should have bought a house somewhere else. This community doesn’t mind driving to all the things you mentioned and hopefully we will have to continue driving to those things. My husband and I bought a house in Argyle for that very reason. We don’t all need a convenience factor and we elected our new leaders for a reason.

  4. Avatar
    Kelly Yost

    Fred, sounds like it DOES matter where you bought your home. Maybe you should have bought in Denton or Flower Mound or even Fort Worth where they have more of the amenities that you were looking for. People live in Argyle because they love the quiet rural charm here. They They love the sense of community that Argyle offers. The sense of community that our mayor is talking about in the above article. People often say they would love to live here because they think it’s charming and rural but then they get upset because we have no grocery stores or floral shops or Starbucks or whatever else it is that they think should be here. People don’t move here for those things. They move here because they want to live in a small town that has a wonderful sense of community and great schools. They know they’re going to have to make some sacrifices in order to live here but they’re willing to do that instead of changing up everything to suit themselves. And I don’t know where you live in Argyle but we do happen to have TWO dry cleaners. Mr. Moser–thank you for your wonderful article and thank you for being mayor of the best small town around!

  5. Avatar
    Betty M.

    Wow, Fred there are so many things wrong with your comment I don’t know where to begin. When I moved here 14 years ago it was with the understanding that I would have to drive 8 miles to a grocery store, 2 miles to the Dry Cleaner (yes, Argyle has one), 1 mile to the Bank, etc. And in return I get to enjoy my little 1/2 acre piece of heaven on earth with an occasional train horn. As a newcomer to our area, your Realtor did you a huge disservice by helping you purchase a property in a rural area, as it is obvious you need to be closer to the conveniences that you desire. Have you taken a drive down 377 to Roanoke? Roanoke has an amazing restaurant selection and they even have a Home Depot! Everything I need is 8 miles away…no complaining here…just a nice leisurely drive through the country.

    The liquor store on I-35W was here long before I was and I believe it is actually in Coral City, not Argyle. I resent your comments about liquor and gun ranges, as I also have a CHL….Welcome to Texas!

    This town’s focus has always primarily been around the schools/education/horses and not commercialism. We’ve paid the price IN TAXES to keep it that way and make it a desirable place to raise our children and schools we can be proud of. The town of Argyle voted in this new leadership last year to take us in the direction WE want to go. I am so proud of our City Leaders and Planning and Zoning Committees for listening to the residents.

    So my suggestion to you is to get the heck out of Dodge (Argyle or Northlake or wherever it is you live). I’m sure you can find another home with the same exact floorplan in another community that would better suit your needs. Yes, change is constant and we live in a Metroplex where EVERYTHING is constantly changing, even more so with the enormous growth coming to North Texas. If we could turn back time, we most definitely would, but FREEZING IT and FREEZING OUT new developments and businesses that encroach on our neighborhoods and way of life is the way of the future for OUR LITTLE TOWN.

  6. Avatar
    Richard Haller

    So, Fred. Are you telling us with over one million homes in the DFW area with close proximity to the services you feel are important you could not find one except the one in Argyle? You are like the guy who buys a home next to an airport then complains about the noise. Developers are a hoot. They always say “We love the rural atmosphere of Argyle…and we want to squeeze in 1000 zero lot line houses.”

  7. Avatar
    Fred Miller

    I enjoyed reading this article, but have a few thoughts on it.:

    1. I am a brand new resident of Argyle (and Texas, and Denton County
    ). I did not buy a home in Argyle because Argyle offers so much, I bought the home because I love the home. It wouldn’t have mattered to me whether this home was coded as Argyle, Hurst, Roanoke, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Denton, etc. in fact, there is still confusion whether my mailing address is Argyle or Northlake.

    2. There is hardly any infrastructure in Argyle. I have to drive 15 miles or more to the nearest grocery store, almost 10 miles for a dry cleaner, but only 1/2 mile for a liqour store. Hmmmmm, I don’t drink alcohol, but I find it very interesting that alcohol and a gun range appears to be bigger priorities than a grocery store or dry cleaners. Maybe Argyle should lay off the sauce and focus on serving its residents. That includes NEW residents, not just the families that have been here for generations and are resistant to change and progress.

    3. Special taxes for road improvements? What the heck are taxes for? I pay double the property taxes here and roads, bridges, and highways are a basic foundation supported by taxes., not $600 toilet seats and hammers. If my taxes don’t cover roads, bridges, and highways, where the heck are my tax dollars going? School buses, police and fire don’t function if roads, bridges, amd highways are not well maintained. Think about it.

    4. Business owners do not need to be a resident of the city they conduct business. If that were the case, there would only be 1 Wal-mart, 1 Target, no Apple products, coca-cola or john deere, Ford trucks, Toyota Camry’s, Hyundai Sonata’s, etc. if developers weren’t buying up land and building hundreds of homes, this town would die a slow death as population decreases. Additionnalyy, the leaders of this “community” would wonder how to stop the decreasing population, increase the tax base, and grow the community. Leaders of Argyle should be grateful that businesses want to spend money and employ people in Argyle. More homes, more businesses, more tax revenue, which translates to better roads, bridges, highways, schhols, fire, and police departments, and so on.

    In sum, trying to freeze Argyle in time is a terrible mistake. As our founding father Benjamin Franklin would say: “the only constant is change” or “when you are done changing, you are done!” How many private (non-government) employers are there in Argyle? Oh, so it is okay to live here, but not work here? That is ridiculous thinking, and the sooner the “leadership” of our “community” wakes up to meet the needs of ALL its residents, the better. We need LEADERS who think ahead, not backwards, who look to the future, not the past, who are visionaries, not protectionists. Sounds to me like this “community”is in desparate need of real LEADERS, not complainers who shun progress and protecct a few landowners who inherited the land from their great-great-great-great grandpappy. It sure would be nice to have a grocery store and dry cleaners in my community (and a bank, a cell phone store, some more restaurants, a florist, a hardware store, etc), and less liqour stores and gun ranges. It sure would be nice to have a community that has great LEADERS who could think of ALL the residents, not just the few mass land owners. LEADERS who represent the tax paying base and registered voters. There are good ways to grow a community, not just grow the community. Resistance is futile, and change is inevitable. Welcome to 2018. Meanwhile, Amazon will continue to be the biggest retailer here, because nobody wants to drive 30 miles to find the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, or Wal-Mart.

    1. Avatar
      Cindy Finley Lunak

      We’re just fine with our Amazon deliveries thank you. You have lots of general ideas of what you think is healthy development. Argyle has been around a very long time running at what you may think is a snail’s pace, but that’s the way we roll. Why can’t folks leave our town alone? Seriously! You seem very passionate about your new house, but if you do no research about the things that are important to you (I.e. a concrete jungle) then shame on your realtor.

      Rural vs Urban. Seems like you made a bad choice yet you want to throw down on our Mayor. You don’t know him, nor anything about Argyle.

      Move along…

    2. Avatar
      C.D. Becket

      Fred, Fred, Fred….. Where do I even start?!?

      First of all, you obviously have zero knowledge about the area you are now a part of. A little research (Google) would have made you look like less of a fool in your post. Foolish is EXACTLY what you are if you think that the leadership of Argyle is out of touch with their community. On the contrary, in fact. The Mayor and Council in place now are the best thing to happen in this town in the 30 plus years I have lived here. They have worked hard to learn what the citizens want and knock doors regularly to stay in tune with our desires.

      Now, lets address some discrepancies in your post:

      -The quote that the nearest grocery store is 15 miles baffles me. Roanoke is approx 6 mi (Walmart, Aldi) and Bartonville (Kroger) is less than that. You will also pass two dry cleaners along the short drive to one of those grocery stores. Oh, and that doesn’t include the dry cleaners right here in Argyle. It is a bit unfortunate that these stores are this close to our little slice of Heaven but we deal with it.
      -There is not one single liquor store in our town. There are a few in surrounding communities like Northlake, Bartonville, Justin, and Roanoke, but again, nothing in Argyle. Again, as you suggested in your erroneous post, a quick Google search would have uncovered that. Same thing with the gun range, not in Argyle town limits and therefore not governed by our highly qualified Leadership.
      -The mayor said absolutely nothing about a new tax. There is a difference in “new tax” and “tax allocation”. Again, your friend (Google) can fix you up with what that means. And, we are happy to pay more in property taxes because we have more of it! We don’t want postage stamp lots and cookie cutter subdivisions in our town. Our schools are also exemplary status and among the best in the State, if not Nation. For that, I’ll gladly pay the extra. You also contradict yourself in that statement; this allocation is to maintain roads, bridges, fire and police. “Think about it”
      You are dead wrong about the Mayor saying you must live in Argyle to have a business here. What he said was that there was a developer that said he wanted to be part of this community. If you think developers have the interest of the community in mind when they come in and scrape down trees so that they can fit more homes in a space, you are more foolish than you already seem to be. Our town is doing just fine financially and our brilliant Leaders are continually coming up with new ways to improve this community without allowing the all intrusive big box stores and residential developers. Sorry about your misfortune moving into this community of “mass land owners” that want to keep Argyle the beautiful place that it has always been. By the way, I am older, but my neighbors are a 27 and 30 year old couple that moved here for what Argyle is, a beautiful, quaint, and somewhat rural area that is now on the endangered list because of ignorant people like YOU!!!

      PS: Those “few landowners who inherited the land from their great-great-great-great grandpappy” are the ones that are selling to developers and have gotten us into this mess. Shame on them for doing so and shame on you for not knowing any better.

      Lastly, since you like Benjamin Franklin so much, I’ll leave you with this quote from him:
      “Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn.”

      The fact that you are self admittedly “brand new” to the area earns you a bit of leniency for your blatant ignorance.

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