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School investigating after student posts racist photo on social media

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Marcus High School Principal Gary Shafferman and school administrators wrote a letter stating they are investigating a “highly offensive” photo being circulated on social media.

The photo, originally posted on Snapchat, shows a white male Marcus student standing next to a profane and racist comment against black people written on a whiteboard. A crude, simple drawing of a swastika is seen below the offensive words.

“This type of hateful speech will not be tolerated at Marcus High School,” Shafferman wrote in the letter to parents. “It has no place at MHS and does not reflect our campus’s dedication to inspire all students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners. It does not reflect Marauder Pride.”

Shafferman said the school is investigating the situation and, “any students found to be involved will face serious consequences, according to our student code of conduct.”

Shafferman’s letter stated he: “heard from students who want to turn this into an opportunity for our campus to learn and grow. That made a powerful statement to me about how the overwhelming majority of our students feel about this type of hateful rhetoric. They want to address it head on and help create an even better climate and culture at Marcus.”

So, beginning Thursday,: “our campus administrators will work with our student leaders to develop a plan of action. I know any meaningful change on our campus will come from our students sharing their voices, their experiences and their caring and compassion for each other.”


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About The Author

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. Concerned

    Funny or not so funny….
    Attended Marcus Fmhs basketball game last night. Caucasian Marcus students were calling each other the N word
    I was shocked
    Little kids and adults all
    I tried to see if anyone was shocked by the behavior
    Everyone just went on like everything was Normal

  2. Anonymous

    The school should have done this a long time ago. I’m a present student there and every time I walk into the bathroom I am surrounded by the same profane words and drawings; some are even worse. Only now, is the school deciding to do something about it because it is out on social media and people know about it and they don’t want to look bad. There are so many things that are worse inside the walls of Marcus.

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