The Hound Mound a target site for vehicle burglaries

Photo courtesy of the town of Flower Mound

While many vehicle burglaries in Flower occur because car doors are left unlocked, some criminals are using a different M.O. when they target The Hound Mound, Flower Mound’s dog park.

Flower Mound Police Captain Wess Griffin said there have been six vehicle burglaries at The Hound Mound, 1202 South Garden Ridge Blvd., since November. Each time, the burglars used window punches to break the window and grab property inside the vehicle.

Griffin said the bad guys are fast. They walk by the vehicles looking for valuables, break the window, grab stuff and take off in another vehicle quickly.

There also hasn’t been a distinguishable pattern for when they target the dog park, Griffin said.

The Hound Mound visitors should lock their doors, take or hide their valuables and keep an eye on their vehicles. Report suspicious activity to police.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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