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Hayden: Morriss should stay four lanes

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Flower Mound Mayor Tom Hayden

I have been thinking about Morriss Road for quite some time … actually about nine years now.

Let me begin by saying, Flower Mound has transportation problems, and improving transportation is probably one of the greatest issues facing our Town. I would encourage improvements to a four-lane Morriss Road. Anything we could do to make Morriss a safer road and improve the flow of traffic should be investigated.

One of the important roles of government is that while trying to improve our community, we must also be cognizant of the those impacted. Over the years I have witnessed that even as we try to find a middle ground on some things, there are always a few that just cannot come to a resolution on a situation.

But on Morriss Road, it is more than just few, and the point of view has been a constant for decade. With that in mind, we need to pay considerable attention to those that are impacted.

As we are going through this process, we should recommend amending the Transportation Master Plan from being a Major Arterial to a Minor Arterial. This would keep Morriss a four-lane road.

It is important we continue to improve our transportation solutions, but it is also important we preserve neighborhoods and communities, especially when the impact is to a large segment of our residents.

Tom Hayden
Mayor of Flower Mound

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  1. FlowerMoundFlash

    Make Morriss 6!! It’s time to make Morriss Rd 6 lanes in preparation for growth and to be proactive for the future residents of Flower Mound. Please send an email to town Council members below to show your support for the growth or our ever expanding city by making Morriss 6 lanes
    Mayor Tom Hayden
    Place 1 Jason Webb
    Place 2 Bryan Webb
    Place 3 Kevin Bryant.
    Place 4 Don McDaniel.
    Place 5 Claudio Forest place5@flower$

  2. The Saint

    My home is right on Morris road and I don’t want this road widened to 6 lanes to accept more traffic. Houses are right up against the road with minimal space and additional traffic would be a great inconvenience for our neighborhood. Not only is Morris road a nice but convenient neighborhood thoroughfare, It is a meandering residential road not suited to become a major thoroughfare. Keep Morris road 4 lanes. It is NOT suitable to be a major Flower Mound road.

    Attend the public hearing for the The Morriss/Gerault Improvements Phase II project scheduled for the Monday, February 5 Town Council meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. and is held at Town Hall, 2121 Cross Timbers Rd. and make your wishes known!

  3. Pasquale

    A bit hypocritical in that you want to preserve the residential areas. Like another politician you vowed to change FM and that you did. You led the charge to bring businesses arguing we needed to diversify our tax base and then gave them all large tax breaks. It’s incomprehensible that we want lots of business and yet they don’t want to contribute to the city infrastructure, school districts, etc. You brought warehouses, more apartments, and lots of traffic. We’re no longer a nice bedroom community with a rural atmosphere, but just another thorough-fare for cut through traffic from I-35E & W and FM 2499, North & South. In addition you grant rezoning like you’re handing out candy. What’s the point of having zoning if you’re going to change them every time a new developer shows up with a pocket full of cash. BTW, is your company still involved with the developers? We are fortunate that you are term limited. Now if we can only get council members who are interested in preserving Flower Mound instead of carrying on what you’ve started.

  4. FlowerMoundFlash

    I Live off Morriss and want 6 lanes as do a lot of the people in our neighborhood I Have talked to. What a huge waiste of money to replace a 4 lane road with another 4 lane road. Way to think 10 years from now Tom when morriss will be so congested and out of date it will be unbearable to travel. So disappointed if this goes through.

  5. Coldsteel1983

    Thank you!

    A decision that will certainly gain you some cheers and some jeers.

    From one who lives just off Morris, cheers!

    Jeff Brinch

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