Fitness: Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Debra & Adam Hammett of Serious Results Personal Training studio in Flower Mound.

Happy New Year! This is the time of year when people decide to make changes to their lives. Often, resolutions fail because we try to do too much, or we try to change something we honestly aren’t ready, willing, or even able to change.

Pursue behaviors instead of outcomes. Convert your outcome goal (e.g. “weight loss”) into the behaviors necessary to achieve it. Eating quality lean proteins at each meal, daily activity, and eating slowly are just some examples. Your behaviors will need to be specific and unique to your goal.

Choose something easy. The most successful new habits are easy habits. Pick a new habit that requires slightly more effort than what you were already doing. Such as: Eating 1 cup more vegetables a day. Drinking 8 ounces more water. Exercising 1 more hour each week. Taking the stairs and parking further out. Add on more habits as you become accustomed to each one.

Replace instead of eliminating. It is easier to get rid of a bad habit by replacing it with something desirable. Want to give up smoking or reduce snacking? Try taking up knitting or doing puzzles. It gives you something to do with your hands and your brain. Each time you find yourself falling into the old habit you will be reminded of your replacement habit and can make the switch.

Measure your progress. Know your starting point and track your progress. You can use a calendar or any number of apps (like HabitBull) to “check off” successful days. When you see a streak, you are less likely to break it. For body improvements, measure your body in several areas since your weight is not the only determinant of your success.

Have realistic expectations. Chances are you won’t be 100% successful. You will slip up here and there. Forgive yourself. Adjust. Move on more intelligently in the future.

Ask a professional. If you want help getting started with anything above, text “Ready” to 214-642-5853.

Adam and Debra Hammett own Serious Results Personal Training studio, now open in Parker Square. They have over 25 years of coaching experience in nutrition and training, including in-person and online options. You can apply for coaching at

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