Building resilience after challenges

Conner Crawford

Conner Crawford knows how to make the best out of a bad situation.

Crawford is heavily involved in school activities as a senior at Coram Deo Academy and enjoys high school life, but things were not always so pleasant. Because of that, he has experienced a level of positivism that he would not have had otherwise.

“When I was younger, I was bullied,” Crawford said. “Despite what ads, school lessons, and campaigns say, parents and friends can often only do so much. While I appreciated those who tried to help, I really had to find my own support in my particular situation.

“In my experience, I believe that people who are bullied fall into two camps – those who crack under the pressure and experience long-running issues as a result; and, those who learn how to be more resilient.

“I got through my challenge by finding a source of integrity and strength. For me, that meant my faith as a Christian and never sacrificing or compromising my convictions– regardless of pressure from bullies or even other figures who told me to fight back.”

Crawford, 17, who is a percussionist in the Coram Deo Marching band and serves as the AP Chemistry teaching assistant, said those experiences actually helped him to become a stronger person emotionally.

“I always trusted that God was with me, even when I was completely alone,” Crawford said. “In the end, the bullies went away and I was a stronger individual, because I never let go of my beliefs. The experience taught me perseverance, anchored my faith and contributed to a deep-rooted sense of optimism.”

Crawford served as vice president of the Coram Deo chapter of the National Junior Classical League last school year, and currently runs a tutoring business covering math, science and Latin.

The Flower Mound teen said that he already has an idea about what he would like to do when he grows up and said he has been preparing most of his life.

“I’d like to pursue a career in medicine,” Crawford said. “Last summer, I had the privilege of shadowing several physicians and surgeons, which hooked me. I have six or seven years before I need to decide on a specialty, but right now both trauma and orthopedic surgery fascinate me. Science is my favorite subject, I love helping others, and I was pretty clumsy as a kid. Numerous trips to the emergency room may have something to do with my desire to pursue a career in medicine.”

Crawford carries a 4.0 grade point average at Coram Deo Academy.

Crawford’s Favorites
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Person that Most Inspires Me: C. S. Lewis
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite TV Show: It’s a tie between Parks and Recreation and Daredevil
Book I’m Currently Reading: Perelandra, by C. S. Lewis
Favorite Musician: Johnny Cash


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