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Town reviewing proposed CVS in west Flower Mound

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The initial proposed site plan for a future CVS at Lusk Lane and FM 1171. Image courtesy of the town of Flower Mound.

The town of Flower Mound is currently reviewing the initial submittal for a proposed site plan for a future CVS pharmacy on 1171 in west Flower Mound.

The proposed CVS store would be at the northeast corner of Lusk Lane and FM 1171, which is the current site of Jan Balekian’s Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm on the Double Oak Ranch. Balekian declined Tuesday to comment on specifics, but she said if the CVS is approved and built, it would not mean the end of the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm.

The property is currently zoned agriculture.

Once all items are resolved with town staff, the proposal will go to public hearings and seek approval at Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Council meetings, according to Richard Brown, senior planner for the town of Flower Mound.

If approved, the CVS would be about a mile down FM 1171 from a Walgreens.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. 2nd_chance

    So we get a charter school, a church and a CVS. How long do you want to hold your breath that the CTCDD dividing line will stay put if this goes through? Say hello to another strip mall on the other side, more traffic than Lusk can handle, and light pollution blocking what little is left of our night sky. And another entrance along Lusk ??? Have they not already seen how traffic backs up for the pumpkin patch?

  2. Jesse Garza

    Im so sick of the excessive growth of flower mound. Much of what current residents loved about the area is disappearing. The trees, farms, homesteads have disappeared for more subdivisions and stores. And the traffic on the roads just gets worse.

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