LETTER: Vote No on Spending More Taxpayer Money on HV Parks

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On November 7, the Highland Village election will include two bond proposals -Proposition 1 ($2.86M) for street repairs, and Proposition 2 ($4.29M) for park improvements.

Our streets are deteriorating and need repair, but we don’t need to spend more taxpayer money on parks! We’ve already overspent on parks, and allowed our roads to go to disrepair.

The newest park, Doubletree Ranch Park, is lovely, but a prime example of Council excess. Not only have our streets been allowed to deteriorate, the trails, especially the Lakeside Trail, have been abandoned by the city.

Spend tax money where it’s needed. Vote No on Proposition 2.

Greg Edelbrock
Highland Village, TX

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    Fred Busche

    I would like to set the record straight concerning the items mentioned above. I am a Councilman for Highland Village and there are some information that must be considered about the bond issue that were not addressed in the current letter to the editor. Please consider what is posted below before voting. I am hoping they will convince you that a yes vote should be considered.

    The City of Highland Village does not have any official Trails along Lewisville Lake named “Lakeside Trail”. We have a trail accessing Peninsula Park, Maurauder Park and a concrete trail at Lakeside Community Park. Many of the natural paths along Lewisville Lake, adjacent to Highland Shores and Castlewood Development are paths that have been blazed by individuals, on the Corp of Engineers property. The City does not provide any maintenance or upkeep on the natural paths/trails along the shoreline of Lewisville Lake. The majority of the shoreline property in Highland Village is not leased by the City of Highland Village and is under the control of the Corp of Engineers.

    Proposition 2 also includes much needed drainage work to the Unity Park ponds. These ponds were originally constructed as an amenity, not for drainage or retention. The proposed improvements will accommodate a 50-year flood and will benefit the surrounding residential areas. Also part of this proposition is a walking path along Highland Village Road. Many of the residents in this area walk along the two-lane Highland Village Road – adding a sidewalk to this area will provide a safer walking area for our residents. The other aspects of the proposition address repairs or upgrades to existing park facilities.

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