Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What to do if your phone or computer gets wet

by Chris Cole, Experimac Highland Village

We love and rely on our cell phones, tablets and computers!  They keep us connected to close friends, family and the world.  If you have ever witnessed a phone dropped in a pool or watched as a spilled drink raced toward your computer, you’ve experienced a moment of panic.

Act Quickly!  Power Down, Dry It Off

It is critical to dry your device or computer off as quickly as possible and power it down.  That’s right.  Turn it off and do not try to turn it on again or you risk causing a short circuit on internal components or the logic board which cannot be repaired.  With a clean cloth thoroughly dry your device focusing on the charging port, headphone jack, and all other openings through which the liquid could enter.   If applicable, remove and dry the SIM card as well.

Think About the Liquid

The type of liquid it has come in contact with impacts the chance of ultimate failure of the device.  Bottled water is better than lake water is better than soda. Once your phone dries, the particles left over or acid from the soda can cause more damage to your device components by creating a pathway for a short to occur later on.

Rice Is Not King

Although rice can’t hurt unless it gets stuck in a charging or USB port, covering your device in dry uncooked rice will not absorb much if any liquid.  Shaking loose water and blowing air on it is a better way to facilitate the drying process.

The next step should be to take the phone, tablet or computer to your local repair shop where it can be opened up and the interior components can be cleaned and dried.  The sooner you bring it in the greater the chance it can be saved. This is critical because the more time passes, the more likely the internal components will begin to corrode as a result of the liquid exposure.

Find Comfort In The Fact That All Is Not Lost

Remember that if you’re Apple mobile device has been backed up regularly on the iCloud service, you should be able to recover your beloved contacts, photos, etc. on a replacement phone if needed.

At Experimac Highland Village we can not only help save your liquid damaged iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, or Apple® computer, but we also buy, sell, trade, repair and upgrade pre-owned Apple computers and tablets.  Please call us at 972-317-0978 or visit our Experimac store in the Shops at Highland Village for any of your Apple product needs!

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The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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