Here’s why Argyle police post traffic enforcement locations on Twitter

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More than a year ago, the Argyle Police Department joined a growing trend in police departments using social media to tell residents where officers will be conducting traffic enforcement.

It’s an attempt to reach more people and remind them to drive safely.

“If that information being out there would convince one more to voluntarily comply with the laws, then we are doing it right,” said Argyle Police Chief Tom Tackett.

Tackett said the practice “doesn’t blow our cover” because Argyle officers aren’t using cover.

“We are in fully marked vehicles, not hiding from the general public,” Tackett said. “It is not a contest for us on how many (tickets) to write, or to hide and do so in secret.”

When drivers read a new tweet from Argyle PD that traffic enforcement will be on one street that day, they shouldn’t feel safe to speed or text while driving on another Argyle road. You can be pulled over by any Argyle officer, including Tackett, at any time anywhere in Argyle.

Click here to follow the Argyle Police Department on Twitter, where the department shares news releases, advisories, reminders and more, as well as traffic enforcement locations.

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