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Around Argyle – June 2017

Argyle Mayor Donald Moser

As we move past the election the Argyle Town Council has many new faces. These new members are Ronald Schmidt-Place 2, Jon Donahue-Place 3, Todd Mankin-Place 4 and myself, Donald Moser-Mayor.

As we get to the business at hand there is going to be a transition period. We are working hard to make sure it is as smooth and short as possible. I want to say a sincere thank you to all of our citizens for making it a priority to vote during this past election season. The citizens of Argyle have put their faith in us and we intend to honor that with hard productive work.

I want to take a minute to recognize all of our graduating seniors as they head out for the next phase of their lives. Whatever is in store for you, be safe and as long as you put your heart into you work, whatever it may be, you will always be successful.

Most everyone has noticed the dirt work being done at 377 and Old Justin Rd. This is the beginnings of the Lakes of Argyle development. There has been great concern expressed about the clearing of the trees on this site. Believe me, I echo those concerns. It is for this reason the Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission are taking immediate action to ensure our Tree Ordinance is adequate and improvements are made in the areas where it falls short. We are working to ensure this type of complete clearing does not happen again.

The next development to come on line is the Waterbrook development. This is located on the east side of 377 between Frenchtown and 407. Many of you have seen the fence that has been erected around the entire property. This is the first sign that development is about to kick off. We have been meeting with the developer to ensure there are no miscommunication on what is expected. Even though this project has been in the works for several years and approved prior to our election, we are committed to ensuring all ordinances are followed.

There has been a lot of concern regarding Waterbrook and that it does not end up being a total clear cut project. We (myself and the council) have spent some time expressing our concerns to the developer and driving the site. Even though this was approved prior to our arrival, we have impressed on them that being a part of the community is to listen and understand the concerns of the community.

Waterbrook in Argyle

Trees: A tour of the site has shown there are two main areas of trees that are of concern. These are at the northwest corner of the property and the other is at the southeast corner. They make up the majority of the protected trees on the property. In the center of the property, although largely open, there a lot of mesquite trees. These will be removed and replaced with the same size tree but of an indigenous species. In short, they are going to remove a 4” mesquite and replace it with a 4” oak. As far as the trees on the southeast corner, some of these trees will have to be removed due to lot sizes that were approved being too small for a tree that large and/or the proximity of the tree to planned home or street. Encroaching on a tree too closely can cause shock and cause it to die. Once again, these will be replaced on the property with trees of like size and species ie: Oak for an Oak.

The first phase of this project is underway and will consist of the initial grade work and the installation of the drainage and utilities. We were informed this would take up to a year to complete. The second phase of the project is the residential portions which will start after the completion of Phase 1. The third phase is the commercial portion which is set to start approximately 24 months into the residential project.

I know there have been many comments made regarding the wildlife. The displacement of wildlife is disheartening but it isn’t something we can do much about except be mindful that these animals are scared. They don’t want to live among us anymore then we do. Until they find a new area to live in, keep a watchful eye on your family and pets. I know several citizens have already lost their cats in the last two months, us included.

Some may have notice the “For Sale Under Contract“ sign on the property on the southeast corner of Hwy 377 and Frenchtown . This property is being sought after by someone that would like to build a Sonic, a gas station and car wash combination. This property is in the ETJ (county) therefore it is not Argyle proper. We as a council do not have much say in what happens on this property but town staff is looking into it. However remember – we are ALL citizens of Denton County.

Lastly, the Comprehensive Development Plan is be evaluated by members of the P&Z and Town Council. We will be moving forward to include members of the community as well on this project.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!  It’s our privilege to be serving the community.

CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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