DCTA expands Uber program in Highland Village

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The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) has expanded its Uber partnership in Highland Village by providing discounted trips to new areas in North Lewisville.

The expanded zone includes additional medical facilities and employment centers around Medical City Lewisville. It also includes areas east of Interstate 35E that contain additional office and industrial areas not currently served by DCTA’s Lewisville Connect Bus routes.

The new Expanded Uber Zone will provide additional mobility options for convenient transfer opportunities to Lewisville Connect Bus routes and the Highland Village/Lewisville Lake A-train station.

DCTA’s Uber Discount Program specifics will remain the same, including the $2 DCTA-sponsored discount for trips that begin and end within the newly defined Expanded Uber Zone. The expanded zone will be active during the same time period as the original Uber Discount Program: Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“The Expanded Uber Zone is an added benefit to the community because it will provide more efficient transit options for riders that is greatly needed in the area around Medical City Lewisville,” said Jim Cline, DCTA President.

There have been 387 total individual trips taken and 88 unique program riders for the Uber Discount Program from October 2016 through the first week of May 2017.

DCTA welcomes rider feedback via GORequest to optimize the pilot program over time. As the pilot program grows, the agency hopes to expand this service format to other areas within the community.

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