Friday, September 24, 2021

Student-athlete thrives on interaction

Reed Osborn

Reed Osborn enjoys being social.

The Marcus High School senior is the quarterback on the varsity football team, Student Council Treasurer and won the school’s mock pageant for Mr. Marcus this year, all while holding down a part-time job.

“I am employed as a lifeguard at Lifetime Fitness, where I have worked for almost two years now,” Osborn said.

Osborn is also an active member of The Village Church and pitches on the Marcus baseball team.

So why does he do it all?

“I enjoy being with the different personalities that each activity brings and the diverse perspectives as well,” Osborn said. “My friends have also been a huge influence on me being involved in these activities, because we do most of them together.”

Osborn, 18, carries a 3.72 grade point average and said he loves Marcus High School because of different kinds of people he gets to interact with on a daily basis.

“I am a very social person and love to meet new people,” Osborn said. “The teachers and coaches I have been involved with also make Marcus High School what it truly is. Most of these people have had such an influence on my life; and, I am grateful for it.”

Osborn said he is not sure what direction his life will take, but said he knows for certain that he wants to make the most of his time on earth.

“I have dreams and aspire to play baseball as long as possible and, hopefully, even make a profession out of it,” Osborn said. “However, I am aware of how unpredictable that path is. I have given a lot of thought to missionary work and could see that in my future as well, because it would be an opportunity for me to positively affect many lives.”

Osborn said that the most important issue affecting young people today is social media and said that can be a good thing and a bad thing.

“Social media is relatively new to the world and many people are unsure of its consequences and affects,” Osborn said. “Social media, when abused, is a very negative thing. It’s especially negative when it is used as the main source of information for an individual, which I find many young people doing. Not everything on the internet is the whole truth.”

Osborn is undecided about college, but said he plans to attend a junior college and play baseball.

Osborn’s Favorites

Favorite Subject: English

Person who most inspires you: My parents

Favorite Food: Fajitas

Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Book Currently Reading/Last Book Read: The Maze Runner

Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Drake or Kanye West

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