Fuel Filters, Oil Filters and Air Filters – oh my!

by Albert Gutierrez, Operations Manager, Kwik Kar Flower Mound

It may seem like you’re being asked to replace a filter in your vehicle every time you take it in for maintenance. This can cause confusion, especially when drivers are not familiar with the many different types of filters that vehicles need in order to operate as efficiently and safely as possible.

All filters act as a line of defense for whatever system they are protecting. The clearer the filter, the better the flow is for the “good stuff’ to get through, and the better it is at keeping out the bad stuff too. Just like a clogged drain will cause havoc in bathrooms, kitchens, and public streets, a clogged filter of any kind in your vehicle will eventually cause havoc with your engine, fuel lines, radiator, and more.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of filters we check and replace for you at Kwik Kar:

Oil Filter: When you bring your car in as part of your Preventative Maintenance Program, your Oil Filter will be changed every time we change the oil. This is because your Oil Filter is your main line of defense against contaminants like dirt and debris that can cause premature wear (or worse) on your engine.

Fuel Filter: Before fuel is pumped into the delicately calibrated system of the engine, it is filtered to keep out contaminants. The Fuel Filter also allows the right amount of filtered fuel to be combined with the air it needs so that it properly combusts in your engine’s combustion chambers. One of the biggest culprits that can harm your engine is the small rust particles that can flake off from your fuel tank. A properly maintained Fuel Filter can catch this kind of debris before it causes any damage.

In order for your vehicle to operate reliably, a clean fuel system is critical. When the flow of fuel is restricted (by a possible Fuel Filter that needs to be replaced), you could experience issues such as poor acceleration and reduced engine performance. Worse yet, there could be a clogged fuel injector which might cause your car to stop running altogether.

Air Filter: Your main Air Filter provides the proper flow of air to be combined with your fuel before being injected into your engine. This filter also protects your engine as well as your fuel system from natural contaminates and debris found in our air before it is filtered and utilized in your vehicle.

Cabin Air Filter (or Cabin Filter): Just as the HVAC filters in our home relieve us of allergens, dust, debris, and other pollutants, the Cabin Air Filters in our vehicles perform similar tasks, except they also help keep out the harmful exhaust fumes from other vehicles on the road, among other things. The Cabin Air Filter is generally changed about every 30,000 miles, or when your owner’s manual recommends it.

With proper preventative maintenance, Kwik Kar will make sure you get the most out of ALL your filters, and notify you when replacing them becomes necessary. Our job is to ensure your vehicle as a whole will run efficiently and safely, for as long as possible. So come on in today – we have just what you need!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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