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Foodie Friday: Lots to experience at Earl’s 377 Pizza

As we’re visiting new restaurants every week, it’s always fun to stumble upon one with a great story behind it that provides a holistic experience for its customers. And this week we experienced lots of great food, a great atmosphere, and an overall fun lunch at Earl’s 377 Pizza that just opened up on the corner of FM 407 and U.S. 377 in Argyle.


Earl’s is the unique and well-thought-out brainchild of well-known local restaurateur, John ‘Sparky’ Pearson, who wanted to turn the old Argyle Volunteer Fire Department into something truly special.

And ‘special’ is exactly what I would call Earl’s.


The restaurant reflects the story of Earl, a fictitious military veteran who met his wife in Italy, and opened the pizzeria to help her realize her dream of sharing family recipes with others.

The tableware Earl’s 377 uses feels like something you might eat off of at a family gathering, and the furniture all has a rustic feel which is because Earl actually built it all himself!

And those cool chandeliers you see all over the restaurant? They’re made up of all the junk Earl found laying around his house.



So, while the story of Earl’s 377 may be fictitious, it’s a story full of love and family which feels very real as soon as you step into the restaurant.

There’s so much neat stuff to look at around the restaurant that it was almost difficult to stop and pay attention to all the delicious food we were eating! But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty to say about the incredible menu at Earl’s 377 as well.

Executive Chef Chad Kelley created the concept of the menu, which is all made from scratch and is all cooked-to-order in a high-end Wood Stone oven. And boy, is it all fantastic!

DSC_0165 (1)

We started out with a couple of Earl’s most popular appetizers – Nonna’s Meatballs and the Crawfish and Artichoke Fondue. The meatballs were SO tender and had fabulous flavor. And they serve it along with some bread so you can make your own little meatball sub. And don’t even get me started on that Crawfish and Artichoke Fondue – just go try it. Immediately.


When it came to choosing which pizzas to go with, everyone who works at Earl’s recommended we try the Padre Island (which is their unique take on a traditional Hawaiian) and the Amore la Carne (which I’m sure you could guess is covered in all kinds of meats). The Padres Island comes topped with bacon, pureed pineapple and jalapenos – so the heat factor on this one is up there! And the Amore la Carne comes topped with salami, sausage, and meatballs – and also has its own little kick to it!


And for dessert – oh my word – I don’t know if I can even talk about this incredible dessert pizza. You MUST TRY the Perfect Pizza. It comes smothered with a thick layer of Nutella topped with melted chocolate chips, toasted marshmallows, and a healthy sprinkling of powdered sugar. I’m just going to leave that right there…


We had a great time with the whole crew over at Earl’s 377 and we’re excited to welcome them to Argyle. They’ve had lots of great success since they’re opening in May, and we wish them lots of luck moving forward!

If you haven’t found yourself out there yet, we highly recommend you get out there soon! Definitely worth the drive! But plan ahead as they get pretty packed on the weekends.

*Earl’s 377 Pizza is located at 427 U.S. 377, Argyle TX 76226.

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