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Pastor’s Place: No Flaw Is Too Big

Senior Minister Art McNeese, BridgeWay Church
Senior Minister Art McNeese, BridgeWay Church

by Senior Minister Art McNeese, BridgeWay Church, Copper Canyon

A few years ago my wife Holly was driving a van that was on its last legs. The cooling system was blowing hot air. So we set out for the used car dealer. We were driving north on I-35 and noticed steam billowing from beneath the hood. Fluids and coolant were flying all over the front of the van and onto the highway.

We pulled up into the parking lot of the dealership, and our van was coughing up a massive pool of water and green fluid. Right in front of the big showroom window! I threw the van into reverse, trying to get out of the salesman’s line of vision, thinking maybe the salesman wouldn’t see the green goo on the parking lot. But when the sales guy came out to show us a car, you could see him shoot a skunk eye at the rivers of fluid oozing out from beneath the hood. I thought, this is not exactly the best time to ask about the trade-in value of our vehicle! It obviously had some kind of major defect! Who in the world would want to buy a van in this condition?

But later I thought, the same thing could have been said about Jesus’ purchase of us. Why would Jesus have been willing to purchase us, with all of our flaws and defects and problems? The answer, of course, is his love.  In spite of our sins, Christ loved us unconditionally.

The Christian faith says that Jesus paid for our sins with the price of his blood. Jesus did the most important blood work ever. The redemption price for our souls was his blood given at the cross. In spite of the fumes of sin spouting from our hearts, He treasured us so much that he bought us, anyway.

Thank God for His remarkable grace, which considers us priceless.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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