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Webb to seek third term

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Bryan Webb, Place 2, Flower Mound Town Council
Bryan Webb, Place 2, Flower Mound Town Council

Flower Mound Town Councilman Bryan Webb on Tuesday announced that he will run for a third term in Place 2 this May.

First elected in 2012, Webb lists his key accomplishments as expansion and improvements to the park and recreation system, the opening of the senior center, a growing commercial tax base that allowed for a property tax rate reduction, and instilling leadership in town hall that has improved both the delivery of services to residents and employee satisfaction.

Webb also noted that he worked in 2012 to approve the remodel, expansion and addition of a fuel station at Kroger on FM 1171, which was a highly contentious campaign issue.

Webb, along with Mayor Tom Hayden and council member Steve Dixon, did not draw challengers for their second terms in 2014 and the council election was been cancelled.

Webb said that he has addressed some of the tough issues facing Flower Mound during his time in office.

He hosted a Community Conversation seminar that raised awareness of drug addiction and led LISD to partner with Serenity High School in Allen, TX.

Webb said he has spoken to the challenges the town faces with an aging population and was able to secure funding for an initiative to help homeowners in more established neighborhoods remodel and improve their properties.

“Senior rental housing is one of our greatest housing needs and we need to find a way to make it a reality,” stated Webb in a press release.

“Flower Mound has been blessed with prosperity, but that blessing has come from hard work. The work continues as we reinvest in the community in ways that protect and improve the quality of life that brought each of us to Flower Mound and insuring the quality services our residents expect are delivered in the most effective way possible.”

Professionally, Webb has worked for Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. for 25 years where he manages the Strategy & Planning team in the company’s Remarketing Services group.

Webb is also a longtime member of Flower Mound’s oldest civic organization, the Summit Club of Flower Mound.

He and his wife, Heather Conrad-Webb, a genetics professor at Texas Woman’s University, are the parents of daughters Alex and Nicole.

“Through actions, not just words, I have earned the trust and respect of residents and I am confident that I will also earn their support for re-election in May,” stated Webb. “A balanced approach matters and I will continue that approach to encourage quality development and job growth that expands the commercial tax base and provides the resources necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life for all Flower Mound residents.”

For more information on his campaign, visit Webb on Facebook at Bryan Webb Place 2 or email:

The filing period for the May 7, 2016 election begins on Wednesday, January 20, 2016, and runs through Friday, February 19, at 5 p.m.

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  1. Trent Vaughn

    I thought Max had done away with anonymous comments on this website under the premise that they were too vitriolic and that any internet opinion without a real name attached is gutless and worthless. Yet dallassurfer is flaming away with the Itamar party line. Lame.

    1. dallassurfer

      Unfortunately, to expose oneself in Flower Mound leads to bullying, name calling and threats from bullies on Town Council and from within the community. To truthfully list a Politicians “accomplishments” is not flaming anything. He is a public official. Name calling a non public official who happens to have a different view then you proves the point!

      1. Trent Vaughn

        I’m not going to argue with an anonymous poster on an Internet comments board but I do hope max cleans it up. The anon comments on CTG articles had become vituperative and abusive way beyond the stuff on FB, and I thought this fix was intended to eliminate it. But “dallassurfer” has obviously found a way to keep posting anonymously and is doing so on most of the local political articles.

        1. Max Miller

          In the past, users could post comments under multiple aliases without signing in or providing a valid email address. Now they have to sign in using a valid email address so there is more accountability.

  2. dallassurfer

    Don’t forget the accomplishments of promoting the clear cutting trees for new development, pushing major changes to the Master Plan to help start the process to destroy the charm of Flower Mound and the backing of the Mayor, who chooses to bully Town residents who don’t agree with his political views. Finally, the major accomplishment of Mr Webb was to help pass term limits on all others who want to run for Town Council, yet choose not to enforce the new term limits on himself first. That would have been the honorable thing to do!

    1. StandWithFlowerMound

      Dallassurfer, you are flat out wrong regarding term limits. term limits were passed through a democratic vote of the town in Flower Mound the year after Mr. Webb took office. Stop spreading lies about council members that you disagree with. the honorable thing to do would be for you to delete your comments as they do not resemble the truth in any way.

      1. dallassurfer

        Funny, because I have voted for Mr Webb. Yes, I voted for Term Limits, but who created the Term Limit referendum for the voters to vote on. It did not create itself. Once you do the research on that then you may understand how a small group of people who think they are entitled to run this Town, keep tilting things their way, at the expense of the majority of residents. Hopefully, this time around an honest citizen of two will not be afraid to run for Town Council as was the case two years ago. We, the majority of Flower Mound residents deserve the opportunity to vote! Even if that vote is for Webb.

        1. StandWithFlowerMound

          if you had done any research you would know that this next term would be mr webb’s third term, and that the term limits passed were for three terms. making your entire point about term limits moot. your other points are rambling and nonsensical at best. Mr Webb’s efforts have resulted in huge gains for flower mound. from the senior center, to the new businesses and restaurants, all balanced with retaining the charm that we all love in our town

          1. dallassurfer

            The ordinance clearly states that effective May 2013, no one can be elected to more than three full terms. That means that all elections prior to 2013 do not apply to this ordinance. Thus Mr Webb can run again in 2018 if elected in 2016. So can Mr Hayden and Mr Dixon. As for considering fast food restaurants, nail salons and strip mails, huge gains for Flower Mound, others in the is Town have a difference of opinion from you.

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