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Jesse James Fitness Clients: The Snowden Family


Saylor, Hunter, and Barbara Snowden
Saylor, Hunter, and Barbara Snowden

By Jesse James Leyva

In 1852, Barbara Snowden’s great-grandfather settled in Lewisville, forming McCurley Prairie (now the site of Lewisville Lake).  Over a century later, Barbara was born in Lewisville and graduated from Lewisville High School followed by UNT. She married John Snowden from England 20 years ago and they have 2 children, Hunter, 17, and Saylor, 15.

 You have trained at Jesse James Fit with your teenagers.  How has this experience influenced your relationship with one another?

Hunter will attend Duke University, so we decided that before he left we would do something as a family. He and Saylor decided to join me at JJF, and working out with them has been nothing short of inspirational! Furthermore, rather than the traditional silence around the dinner table, we now all talk about a common challenge and hold each other accountable. Our respect grew for each other in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and we all feel 10 times better.  It has been magical!

 How has training at Jesse James Fit impacted the self-esteem of your teenagers?

Our kids have always been athletes, but they have both said to me that when they look good they feel invincible. And we hold our kids to a high standard, and they tackle challenges, perform better, and respond more maturely when they are working out.

 How has training at Jesse James Fit transformed your perspective on health and fitness for yourself and your family?

We took a family vacation that involved miles of hiking everyday rather than hours of lying on the beach because we now consider our health and well-being to be paramount.  And I used to love food that was convenient and fast, but nutritional value wasn’t a consideration. Now my whole mindset has shifted to making healthy choices.  The more I work out, the better I feel and the more cognizant I am of what I eat.

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