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Argyle urges caution, coyotes suspected in area

The Town of Argyle is urging residents to be ware of possible coyotes roaming the area for food.
The Town of Argyle is urging residents to be ware of possible coyotes roaming the area for food.

From the Town of Argyle

A resident who lives off Estates Drive in Argyle notified the town that there are possibly two litters of coyote pups in the area.

They have already lost their barn cats to coyotes. Coyotes are known to sneak around using vegetation as a cover. Others boldly walk through residential areas.

Coyotes can be a secretive, run-for-the-hills-at-the-slightest-noise type of critter. They can also be quite bold, killing chickens, eating from pet dishes and even killing and eating pets.

Coyotes are predatory opportunists that prefer to acquire their meals with no more effort than necessary. But in times of extreme need — for instance, when procuring food for pups they seem willing to go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy that necessity. That’s when they sometimes enter residential yards in their quest for food.

To avoid encounters or problems with coyotes – as well as other wildlife, here are a few steps every homeowner should consider:

  • Pet offense: Don’t allow your dog or cat to roam unattended. Pets kept outdoors should be fenced-in.
  • Keep it Clean: Never place garbage bags outside without placing them in protective containers. If you feed pets outside, clean up the leftovers when your pet is finished eating.
  • Keep it Clear: Reduce or eliminate vegetative cover that coyotes could use to approach your property undetected. Weedy and brushy areas are a great habitat for rodents, which coyotes hunt regularly. Coyotes also aren’t as comfortable in open areas near dwellings.
  • Say something: If you see a coyote near someone’s home, let your neighbors know about it. Together, you can keep a closer eye on the neighborhood and work to keep it unattractive to coyotes.
CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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