Friday, September 17, 2021

Speed temporarily reduced on Highland Village Road

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You’ve probably noticed the road work along the I-35E frontage road in Highland Village. That’s all part of AGL Constructor’s work while they build a new bridge on the highway, but it could really have an impact on how motorists are making their way through the city.

According to the city, as part of the 35Express project, AGL will be re-building that portion of Highland Village Road, lifting it to meet the new frontage road.

Highland Village Road is just a two-lane way and there is no shoulder. With Lake Lewisville levels higher there near the road border, driver safety is an important concern.

Highland Village is working with AGL to help make the area safer for motorists but dropping the speed limit there to 20 mph. There will also be electronic signs posted to remind drivers of the need to slow down.

The city has indicated that one accident along the area could result in Highland Village Road being shut down indefinitely.

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